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Comparisons for the purchase of survey equipment

At the time of purchasing a measurement equipment, comparison tables are very useful for making decisions. In the case, the purchase of a total station apart from the economic criteria, the technical criteria could include:

  • Minimum range in distance with a prism
  • Precision in angle and distance
  • Software Utilities (internal)
  • Software language
  • Internal memory
  • Accessories

These terms of reference for the purchase of a total station from the Autonomous Corporation of Quindio is an example of this:


When surfing on the Web I found a page of Mertind Argentina, where there is a lot of comparison tables for total stations, gps, levels and distance meters, levels and others.

  • SOKKIA Power
  • Total Stations’ Comparison
  • GPS’ Comparison
  • Explorist Series Comparison of handheld GPS Systems
  • Meridian Series Comparison of handheld GPS Systems
  • Laser AGL Levels’ comparison
  • Laser SOKKIA Levels’ comparison
  • Levels’ comparison
  • Theodolites’ comparison
  • Stanley’s distance meters comparison
  • Stanley TLM Brochure
  • SOKKIA GPS general brochure


Of course the comparison is within the parameters of the manufacturer and there are only the brands that the company distributes, however the link is worth to be spread. There are also some other tables regarding the type of equipment required according to the type of work carried out such as:

 What total station do I need

 What level do I need

 What receiver do I need

There I leave the link, if one day it may be useful, I recommend to download tables because in these times a web today is ok… tomorrow is down forever or change its domain.

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