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How to know how many people are on a march?

How to know many people are on a march

… We had 50,000 people there

…I never saw so many people

… We are 300.000

Well, well, let’s take some basic lessons to this, using tools of common sense so we have fun while passing the political crisis. This is an example where the central square was full, I tried to find a better picture but I couldn’t so I show this:


1. How to know the area

The simplest way is to use Google Earth with that fucking measurement tool which for these estimate purposes is valid. The whole square has measures 103 x 60 metres, giving us an approximate area of 6,180 square meters.


This is the total area of the square, including inaccessible areas such as green areas that people respect or monuments. But let’s assume that this compensates the surrounding areas.

2. How to know the number of people

The ideal is having an aerial image where you can see the covered areas, but in this case, even assuming that the entire square would be full, which is not true; it would be dividing the total area between the occupied by one person in a concentration.

We are going to handle for this case 0.36 square meters per person, questionable according to the euphoria, the tone of the intestinal gases or size’s banner that require space, but is an example for this exercise.

So the total number of people would be:

6.180 m2 / 0.36 m2 = 17.166 people. (If the whole square would be full)

The media reported there were 50,000, almost 3 times what it should complete the square

On the other hand, the march was realized from the Pedagogical University, considering this reach to Natural Resources, being totally full, including the curbs, gutters without lids or craters the Mayor has not covered. I use this as a reference to compare, because right now it is happening and it could be that the length is greater (or less) according to the ideological point of view, that only the helicopter that flies far over my house can prove it.


Length: 1.000 m Width: 9.75 meters (because it is only one way), so we would have an area of 9.750 square meters.

9.750 / 0.36 = 27.083 people.

There were those who reported they were 300,000 people, nearly eleven times more than can fit in that area

3. How to know who is lying

The fault lies with politicians again, which usually give numbers for their concentrations that serve as foolish reference and are not equivalent when we remember what it means to have a full stadium. So politicians confuse us (for the umpteenth time), and people will go with the flow at that point of reference.

Another way to calculate it would be to count feet and divide by two, jeje, but if you do not want to complicate using Google Earth, divide the total said by the media between the averages of your children’s ages and maybe that data is a more close to reality.

Let’s see if this crisis ends and let us work in peace.

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