Colors and Lines of the holiday

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There have not necessarily been 400 years of silence, but to justify it here I leave some colors of my holiday with the kids and the girl that enlightens my eyes. Internal tourism comes economic and creates roots in children.

A store for farmers’ implements (*) in Taulabé municipality.

That child seems not put down national selection’s shirt.

And note that football team went only to the World Cup to take photos.

This is the Santa Cruz de Yojoa municipality adjacent with San Buena Ventura


At the background the Nicaraguan beach in the Gulf of Fonseca.

It is Marcovia municipality.


This is Las Vegas town, where is placed Mina El Mochito; this is seen from the Aguaje, a Concepcion del Sur village.


…A pity that car failed us on that trip.

But we spent it well, anyway.
Back we need to remove body’s salt and the hassle of not being able to pass to El Salvador, by the negligence of the authorities whose always want a bribe (**).

Nacaome municipality.


The colors of the Nacaome, Langue and Alianza municipalities


On the sad side, two boys dawn on a sidewalk, one with a cart in hand. Without parents to respond, not because they do not exist.

Municipality of Choluteca.


(*) aperos: It alludes to the farmers’ implements. In the photo it can be seen seed’s bags, ropes, implements for the horses etc.

(**) mordida: It’s a Spanish Idiom, similar to ‘coima’, ‘mermelada’.

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