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CD Only for Engineering Premium 2010

On the occasion of their fifth birthday, Soloingenieria.net portal has prepared some strategies for growth, sustainability and dissemination which have drawn our attention this morning.

The first is the willingness of the CD known as CD Only for Engineering Premium 2010, consisting of a collection of the best works that for 5 years have been provided to the web. This includes projects, reports, appraisals, manuals, etc. as few may exist currently available for professionals in the industrial engineering sector.

On the other hand, only Engineering wishes to launch an online consulting service that aims to become a reference for all the related engineering and the wide technical community in Spain. If a professional or firm would be interested in participating, wants more information, etc. of this emerging and novel multidisciplinary collaborative network, simply go to soloingeniería.net


The disk is on sale at the online store; here we summarize some of its contents:

Energy saving and renewable energy sources

  • ACS installation project for a 12 homes’ building
  • Heat installation project and ACS with solar support for a 21 homes’ building
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic project in an administrative building
  • Joint of projects (acting, generation, disposal and decommissioning) of 2 MW photovoltaic fixed on undeveloped not urban land
  • HVAC Project by geothermal energy for a cultural center
  • HVAC Project for a supermarket
  • Draft electrical power project to single-family housing by wind energy
  • Draft air conditioning and ventilation project in sports hall

Combustible Gases

  • Receiving installation project of natural gas at local takeaway food
  • Receiving installation project of natural gas at a restaurant

Electrical installations

  • Proposed extension of electrical installation at BT sawmill
  • Study for power factor correction in industry
  • Electrical Installation BT project fair booth
  • Electrical Installation BT project on ship designed for offices and warehouse
  • Proposed electrical installation using BT in flats and common garage

Refrigeration Installations

  • Draft refrigeration system ultra-freezing in bakery industry

Prevention of Occupational Risks

  • Evaluation of hygienic risks in woodworking
  • Evaluation of security processing in plastics industry
  • Checklist for health and safety plans
  • Plan for self-protection in golf club
  • Chemical Emergency Simulation in formaldehyde Production Company

Structural safety and construction

  • Structural Memory of 5 ships attached
  • CYPE Structure of 23 homes, shops and 4 basement
  • Construction and implementation Project for horses shelter
  • CYPE Modeling and chalet-style house plans
  • Plans and measurements of a ship aimed at locksmiths
  • Reform and expansion proposed for ship aimed to vehicle workshop
  • Proposed demolition and waste management in two adjoining buildings
  • Design and calculation of rock fill containment for unstable slope
  • Setup Project for motorized scaffolding in facade works
  • Ship’s expertise with pillars damaged

Fire safety

  • Installation Project against fire in hotel establishment
  • Memory techniques installation against fire in repair workshop motorcycle
  • Example of pressurization according to UNE 12101-6:2005
  • Draft and fire detection systems projects in offices

Water supply and sanitation

  • Sewer Project installation in industrial park
  • Project water supply facility in building housing


  • ICT Project in building 4 houses and business premises
  • ICT Project in 64 building offices


  • Expert report on vehicle defects
  • Reform project for truck hitch
  • Reform project for truck carrier vehicles
  • Car racing reform project
  • Project design for forestry trailer with hydraulic drive
  • Installation project in trailer ramps
  • Axle installation project and tire replacement in agricultural trailer


  • Preliminary construction and installation of slaughterhouse
  • Ejector Design
  • Memory construction and sewage installations
  • CTE Quality Control Plan
  • Performance project of construction materials recycling plant
  • Permit opening project and parking facilities in residential building
  • Project for opening licensed and coffee- bar installation with catering in low residential building
  • Project for license to open and office installations in low residential building
  • Project construction against lumber fire in garage
  • Forklift Installation Project
  • Draft pool installation project
  • Appraisal’s Document of housing and land
  • Enterprise quality manual under UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008 standard
  • Valuation of trees affected by construction of bicycle paths
  • Certificate of safety and soundness for furniture urban placement
  • Environmental Impact Study in CLH


  • Application for calculation of low voltage electrical installation as REBT 2002 (ACIEBT02)
  • Application for calculating compressed air systems (ACIAC)

We think it’s a great addition, many Web content should be systematized in printed products or stored because of the web’s volatility. As for price, it seems reasonable to me after viewing its content. Go to Soloingenieria.net

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