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The cartography is a science included in disciplines for the land management and earth study

Where to find maps in vector format

Find maps in vector format of a given country could be the urgency of many. Reading Gabriel Ortiz forum I found this link which is interesting because it not only provides maps in .shp format but in kml, grid and mdb. It’s gData, a service promoted by the International Rice Research Institute, is free and

More old and strange maps

Recently I spoke of the Rumsey map collection, you could see on Google Maps. Now Leszek Pawlowicz says a new site dedicated to storage and sales historical maps, founded by Kevin James Brown in 1999. This is Geographicus, which sells services of maps in printed formats, framed etc. They have a membership system and pay

Earthquakes in Google Earth

A few days ago I spoke of the tectonic plates that USGS has prepared for display in a simple kml file of 107 k, and with this we must be acknowledged that Google Earth has changed our lives for what it’s possible seeing with the simple intuition of those who are not experts in the

Interactive maps

Some time ago I spoke of the interactive maps to learn geography, reading in Itacasig I found another interesting maps collection in Flash format available for download or embed in Maps of War website. The main focus is historical and political, can be very useful for educational purposes. In the case of the map I’m

NASA satellites in real time

Eyes on The Earth is a NASA website, where you can view the satellites that orbit the Earth in real time. This page is interesting, but the Unity Web Player plug-in, consumes considerable computer’s resources when it’s activated for the first time. If the computer does not have enough memory, surely, a blue screen will

SPOT integrated in Google Earth

What it had. By now, Google Earth maintained SPOT images only as a way of catalog, viewed when clicking on the “other, Spot Image” option. This enables a grid of the existing different shots and when seeing the properties of the ball we can see conditions and characteristics of the data. The bad This was

How was Cartography 60 years ago

The map library shows us an interesting video which tells us how was Cartography done in the forties. The Google’s Earth Logo Unfolding a fitview and regen document. Zoom  in Improving the brightness display Creating a digital terrain model Querying the tomtom Creating a transparent layer Creating a Buffer Making cartographic maintenance Binding the geodetic

Tectonic plates in Google Earth

The scientific use given to Google Earth in geography and geology matters is becoming increasingly interesting, even though we, from the cadastral point of view, criticized so much its precision for our selfish ends. Some time ago I talked about the existence of an animated tectonic evolution map through the continental drift’s theory. The United

How to input coordinates in Google Earth / maps

In case you want to enter a specific coordinate in Google Earth, it only requires typing in the search engine, with some rules to respect. It is a very practical output if you want to send someone via chat or email a coordinate which we wish to see 1.  The nomenclature of degrees Google Earth

The petroleum map

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. It is there in Flickr, by the way, we must update what we learned in geography in sixth grade about Eastern Europe, but is interesting; it is a map watched by the oil interests point of view (at least in that there is

Hiszpania, drugi kraj posiada Street View

To jest już rzeczywistością, choć został ogłoszony na jutro 28 listopada startu urzędnik, od dziś, że zaczął być postrzegany widok na ulicę w co najmniej czterech miast Hiszpanii: Madryt Barcelona Walencja Sewilla Z tym Google wykazać duże zainteresowanie Hiszpanie rynku, jak Hiszpania jest drugim krajem w Europie, aby mieć widok na ulicę, oprócz tego, że

Spain, the second European country to have Street View

It is already a reality, although it has been announced for tomorrow November 28 the official launch, from today it has begun to be seen street views in at least four cities of Spain: Madrid Barcelona Valencia Seville With this Google demonstrate its high interest in Hispanic market, as Spain becomes the second country in

First satellite’s images captured with 0.41 meters’ size.

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. After its recent launch, on September 6 it has already been shown the first high-resolution images taken by the GeoEye-1 satellite. 0.41 meters resolution, that’s enough, considering that the best approach had walked through the meter. It should be seen what can be

Umapper, for publishing maps in the web

Six months ago it come to me for trying, now there has been implemented some new features and for what is seen it has something of the future as they were reviewed by Mashable and Google Maps Mania. Keir Clarke, Google Maps Mania editor said: “This is one of the best tools for creating maps

Honduras maps on GPS

I found them in the Honduras technology fair, in its third edition at the time they were showing a cute girl their products. I mean Navhn, which innovates in an issue that as it is the case with technologies… here come 4 years later that at United States. Its services are based on at least

लैटिन अमेरिकी भूगोल की बारहवीं बैठक

मुंडो भू माध्यम से मैं विषय के अंतर्गत गणराज्य विश्वविद्यालय में मोंटेवीडियो, 3 अप्रैल से 7 से उरुग्वे, 2009 में किया जाएगा, जो इस बैठक के बारे में सुना: “लैटिन अमेरिका में एक परिवर्तन के माध्यम से चलना” इस सम्मेलन के मुख्य विषयों: परिवर्तन में लैटिन अमेरिका के भूगोल. वैश्विक पुनर्गठन प्रदेशों. हाल विशिष्टताओं में

XII meeting of Latin American Geographers

Through Mundo Geo I heard of this meeting which will be in Montevideo, Uruguay from April 3 to 7, 2009 at the Republic University under the theme: “Walking through a transformation in Latin America” The key themes of this conference: Latin America’s geography in transformation. Global restructuring territories. Theoretical and methodological responses of Geography at