Can a blog lose its personal sense?

Today blogs are already a communication way, although his birth is recent. Because of its dynamic change and without a formal regulation, the difference of a web page, a digital newspaper, a personal blog or an institutional page is often confusing.


Without studying in depth the topic, we’ll see some aspects based on what the Royal Academy says about the meaning of the word “blog” within the Panhispanic Doubts dictionary

Blog – Binnacle


Personal electronic site updated very often, where someone writes like a journal or on issues that arouse his interest and where they are also collected comments that these texts provoke in his readers

Electronic site… the word “blog” comes from web – log

personal… The blog is really that, a personal page.

Updated very often… well, that’s the intention.

Someone writes… There are no institutional writings in a blog; someone always makes writings on it especially in a blog.

as a diary… it means, today, yesterday, these days, I’ve been, I was thinking, I believe, I watch, I think, I exist.

issues that arouse your interest … There will be days without inspiration or themes that are supposed to provoke interest do not.

comments… readers write their comments.

So, removing the personal touch of a blog will turn it into something else, and in those cases there are portals, forums, institutional pages or digital journals. A blog, despite of having a defined priority subject, may include aspects that reflect the author’s way of thinking; these aspects must differ, not only because it’s a universal obligation to express our own criteria, but also for the cultural diversities that includes from writing to forms of life.

Blog’s writing is supposed to satisfy author’s necessity in expressing his thoughts so long as it does not affect the rights of others. It should also fill reader’s interest in a certain topic and finally, it ought to satisfy other basic facets such as sustainability, because publishing should comprise an economic cost and time is involved in maintaining blog’s periodicity

A Blog is that, a personal binnacle

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