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Use of software, equipment and tools for the land management

Blockchain and Bitcoin applied to the Land Administration

At a technologies information Congress, I was approached by a magazine’s publisher. He consulted me on this type of technology implementation in the land registry, cadastre and property management areas in general. The conversation was more than interesting, although I was a little surprised about his questions, considering that a couple of months ago, his

Migrate a geospatial platform 10 years after – Microstation Geographics – Oracle Spatial

This is a common challenge for many Cadastre or Cartography projects, which in the 2000- 2010 period integrated Microstation Geographics as a spatial data driver, considering reasons like the following: Arch-node management was and continues being highly practical, for cadastral The DGN is an attractive alternative, whereas its version in the same file, which has

LADM implementation using INTERLIS – Colombia

The INTERLIS course, seen as a language and instrument to facilitate the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) implementation in the environment of Colombia land administration was held the third week of June 2016. The course was held in two stages, one at a basic level / theorist with a large group of different institutions involved

Land administration domain model – Colombian case


The land administration is currently one of the countries main challenges. It is not a new aspiration, since its function is more than explicit in the Constitution main articles and the various laws that govern the people relationship with public and private national resources. However, there is an international trend for the national systems creation

what3words for Land Administration + QGIS Plugin

What is what3words what3words is an address solution that makes it easy for non‐technical people to communicate precise location using words instead of coordinates.  It is based on a 3×3 metre grid where each square has been allocated a unique address using 3 words from the dictionary, for example index.home.raft . 3 word addresses are

Registration and Cadastre in the National Transaction System context

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Every day countries focus on e-Government trends, where processes are simplified in search of a better service provision to citizens, as well as to decrease margins for corruption or unnecessary bureaucracy. We are aware that legislation, institutions and processes in property’s matter in

The land governance: the LGAF methodology

lgaf cadastre

It is known as LGAF the methodology which in Spanish is known as Land Governance Evaluation Framework. This is an instrument with which is done the country’s legal establishment diagnosis, in terms of legislation and practices related to public policy specifically in tenure and land use. The World Bank and FAO, among others, promotes it,

Between Cancer and the Google Earth use for the cadastre

google earth precission

From a good humor moment with a Dutch friend, this day, I rescue some similarity between the process that leads cancer in clinical psychology and Google Earth romance with wrong purposes: Stage 1: Fright. A technician goes to field in response to a measurement request of an owner who wants to sell; He checks that

How accurate are the images in Google Earth?

google earth precission

The theme of orthorectified  and satellite images’ precision of Google Earth is a record question in search engines; in these days where confusing precision with tolerance is as easy as losing the GPS in the taxi, it would be good to make a couple of analysis about whether or not to use these data for

Stay inspired! Letter to my staff

Today is a special day; new challenges make me a better chance of settling. In a week I won’t be more your immediate boss and one of you will be the new one, so that things don’t stop and also to acquire the freshness that changes require. Although I’ll be around, surely I’ll have less

Geographic information system using Manifold GIS

This is one of those products that gives you pleasure to have pushed, and that in the spirit for which was built now is available to the community. It’s a manual that explains how to implement a municipal geographic information system using Manifold GIS. Edited versions of these products were built as part of a

Geomate: A long trip in 8 photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. A very long tour by scattered territories had amused me in the last few days. This is a topic that receives little attention in this space; because I try to take care of the anonymity of what my labor field is, and the

Returning to the talent

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Let’s go back to the talent, kill the genius and relive the man that rubbed the lamp, because it is better to believe in the one who had the simple initiative than on the result of three wishes that does not cost us

egeomates, only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. This is a complicated month in time, but satisfactory in achievements and family passions with my children and the girl that enlightens my eyes. I could hardly post a couple of times; but here I leave a brief photo summary. The Competency certification

Municipal Cadastre, which method is appropriate

  Several years of making cadastre and there is always a very common question. Which is the best method for doing cadastre? We must admit that this is not a recipe, because there are different conditions that must be taken into account, and each method can have opposite variables in different territories. So this post

Testing Promark 3 … only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. It ended the course of which I had spoken; we were doing tests between GPS Magellan Promark3 and MobileMapper 6. It’s interesting, that in Survey mode you can shape a network, with which the post-processing is done not only with a single computer.

Download total station data

Time ago we saw a guide for the use of total station in the cadastre; in this, appears the capture of information. Now we’ll see how to download data to the computer, using one of the guides that made by one of my technicians. Indeed, it’s a great job. I’m using for this: Sokkia total