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CAD / GIS Learning

Tips and tricks to use software like AutoCAD, ArcGIS and other used in the cartography world

Alibre, the best for 3D mechanical design

Alibre is the name of a company whose name has its origins in the Latin word Liber, whence comes freedom, liberalism, free, in short a sense of freedom. Hence, the intention of this company is to offer a high quality product at a very surprising price. History shows that the software price for 3D design

egeomates, only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. This is a complicated month in time, but satisfactory in achievements and family passions with my children and the girl that enlightens my eyes. I could hardly post a couple of times; but here I leave a brief photo summary. The Competency certification

CD Only for Engineering Premium 2010

On the occasion of their fifth birthday, portal has prepared some strategies for growth, sustainability and dissemination which have drawn our attention this morning. The first is the willingness of the CD known as CD Only for Engineering Premium 2010, consisting of a collection of the best works that for 5 years have been

Preparing for the course on ArcGIS

A little less than a week I start to feel the stress of an ArcGIS course, those who emerge no one knows where, you accept without knowing when, and that suddenly you’re committed in. It’s a group of enthusiasts who don’t want to complicate with the unknown software, which have money and expect to integrate

CAD: Changing background color

Usually we use the white or black color for background, change is a frequent activity for reasons of visualization. In this example we’ll see how this is done with AutoCAD and Microstation With AutoCAD before 2008 It is done in Tools> Options, in case you are with Civil 3D or an application that doesn’t display

GIS Learning CD, great resource for teaching

Of the best tools I’ve seen, it can be very handy when imparting training in the geographic information area. It is GIS Learning CD, a product of the construction company from the SuperGeo line, which beyond being a product for instructors can play an important role in self-training. The announcement came out in Geoinformatics’ new

Aulasca, many free GIS resources

The virtual classroom of the Cartographic Institute of Andalusia is a platform mounted on Moodle, with which you can take distance learning courses. Apart from the many information services available from the Department of Housing and Ordinance Landing, I have heard of teaching materials in the geospatial theme recently made available. The hosting platform is

What is going to be in the Free GIS Conference of Girona

Three months after the beginning of the IV Conference, to be held in the 10 to 12 March, this is the proposal of what we might see there. IDE / OGC IDE Open Source: The way towards INSPIRE. Spatial data Infrastructure from Venezuela, an IDE made with100% free software. Integration of the WMS-C recommendation on

On a journey, preparing a video

I have spent almost a week away, in a complementary work to the systematic process that involves shooting a video that must rescue the essence of the methodology applied. This shooting task is an interesting world, I mean the lightning play, the recreation of past scenarios, capturing events that are still alive, the handling of

GvSIG Courses in Valencia

From the first quarter of 2010, the Florida University Central Training courses will be offering gvSIG, which to date has been provided as an adjunct to the Interior tourism specialist diploma courses. This course has a lasting of 20 hours over two weeks, and is aimed at professionals, technicians and officials who wish to enter

Land’s Ordainment Virtual Course

The Bolivian Center for Multidisciplinary Studies (CEBEM) and the Center for Advanced Studies of San Simon Major University (CESU-UMSS) announce the 8th. Version of this introductory course on Land’s Ordainment, aimed for professionals from all areas and people interested in learning, deepen, analyzing and exchanging criteria on land’s administration role as a factor in promoting

Sinfogeo: GIS distance courses

Very few times we have seen an offer in the GIS area as the one offered by Sinfogeo. The opportunity is not only to learn but for specialists, which can track students and build online training manuals. Being online it can be taken from anywhere in the world, but are available in classroom (in Spain).

3D World Map, an educational atlas

3D World Map comes to remind us of those spheres that were used at school, although its capacity goes beyond that. It is a balloon that contains much more data that could fit in the globe and atlas; it also includes a screen saver movie tool that can run mp3 music as background. 3D World

Engineering, GIS and local management: courses coming

At least these are courses that are coming in Latin America, there is now available the possibility of applying them: Soil Markets: Event: course Soil Markets’ Empirical Methods in Latin America Date: 19 – 23 October, 2009 Place: San José, Costa Rica Summary:  This course is designed to familiarize researchers and people working in the

AutoCAD Education Licensing

We are aware that a student who is pursuing a university degree does not have many facilities for the $ 2,000 that can cost an AutoCAD commercial license. We are also aware that the general tendency has been the illegality. The Professionalism In some environments piracy is still considered a ruse worthy of assessment. But

Be Connected, 2009 Webinar

Since the format’s change of the Bentley’s annual conference, arguing that the global crisis could affect their users’ travel to U.S. in May, it has been launched the proposal for online seminars to reach not only those who would attend the event but for those who do not have the facility to spend $ 2,000

The systematization of good practices

A year ago we had a tired diploma of systematization which lasted more than 120 hours, it has been developed a lighter version more oriented to good practices. This is one of the simplest forms of systematization, which may well include experiences as processes but in which are chosen relevant practices to those who have

Cadastre course, the first day

Yesterday we started the accreditation process of service providers for Cadastre, which I commented a few days ago. For now we have nearly 30 applicants, some with some well-earned gray hair and others with some experience in municipal cadastres. Although this first week is aimed at training in the surveying using direct methods, this first