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BitCAD’s creativity

I feel it’s a very good advertising of BitCAD, from IntelliCAD, which incidentally is a low cost alternative to AutoCAD as I told you a while back when we did a more extensive review of this program.

It gives a good lesson to the marketing department of Manifold he he.

And as they seem cool for me, I will advertise them for free… maybe one day they remember me. Here, I leave you some examples.


In addition of being a creative campaign is pointing to his four major weapons:

The format, native DWG (they say), including versions of AutoCAD 2009

Support, this by the crowd complains that big companies do not support small customers

Similarity to AutoCAD, most commands works exactly the same, including AutoLISP routines, ADS, and DCL.

Price, that’s their strongest weapon … 10 times below. This topic they are pounding hard, in partnership with the environment that suffers the economic crisis.





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