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Bentley will present Microstation V8i



It is expected, I hope, that’s what many people expect, that version 8i formally known as Bentley –Athens?- will be formally introduced, where it is assumed that Bentley has been investing its expectations from its failed attempt with Mozart version announced since the V8 release in 2004.

This will be in two events the same day: an entire afternoon in one Philadelphia day and a press conference via Live Meeting with a global reach broadcast up to 90 minutes.


All a mystery hidden behind a black banner, similar to what Keith showed me in a version like “See me but don’t touch me”, where it was Toronto in 3D view, at that time was “exciting” but the laptop memory collapsed as if somebody had given over 50 mg viagra … hehe


Thursday, November 6, 2008 at 9:30 am Eastern Time U.S. While the Philadelphia event will be from 1:30 to 6:15 pm.


Key Bentley will be the presenter


In my opinion, the transition from V8 to Athens at least will be targeting these areas:

3D … means that although it has a high rendering quality and speed … will integrate DirectX 9c and Open GL, it is also likely it integrates more with Sketchup!, Google Earth and OGC services standards … hurray!, connecting with WFS served from Manifold or ArcServer.

XML … implement the smokes of XFM (Modeling extended formats) which until now has been seen in Bentley Map, would mean better connectivity to databases and integration with Project Wise in a less caveman way. In the geospatial field, it has improved Geo Web Publisher output results that although now reads shape files, dwg … it’s still a little upset its IDPR

DWG … Athens should read and write over dwg, which is already made by V8 but not considering it an alien form.

To register for the conference online here is the link:


They have also provided the international toll free numbers for the conference, including Spain: 900987034, Mexico: 0-018664037413, Argentina: 08006661537.

There I’ll tell you next week, but this release is pompous, surely we will see concrete results at the annual conference next year in May… and if those who are clip_image004surely reading this post permit it… we will be there too.

Finally they have handled V8i name, which reminds us V7j but we have already seen some opinions.

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