Bentley changes the presenting form of its annual event

For several years Bentley Systems has made annual events which include the excellence award for innovation in technology implementations and, at the same time, give us conferences where we can know latest innovations, and seminars based on their customers or thematic experts experiences.

In last years conferences carried out by Bentley Institute changed their presenting form, so instead of renowned workshops, these became in seminars taken at will.

Last year Bentley launched its V8i version which has been known by a presentation and some recent podcasts. Certainly, it’s probably that as a result from the economic crisis, Bentley have radically changed its form instead of our expectations for a glamorous conference presentation exhibiting V8i version wonders

clip_image001The “BE Excellence Awards” renamed as “BE Inspired Awards”, will be now in September in Charlotte, North Carolina instead of May 11 to 14 as it had been announced in the January Magazine .  It’ll be only one day, so surely it will only be the external panels exhibition and the night ceremony.


Meanwhile, the BE Conference will be rename as “Be Connected”. It will be online through BE communities from June – November 2009 instead of a classical 3 days long conference.  Last year the annual event coincided with the new corporate web image proposal in which blogs have not taken great part in; but it has been interesting the space given for forums and especially wikis where Askinga page was migrated to. This page have been active since long ago and it has my deference (a Spanish idiom: “me quito el sombrero”) for its acknowledgement in the community for ones who were born with a DGN based genome.

It’s known United States’ economic crisis is affecting almost everyone. Bentley can’t escape from it; so changes are probably necessary, but surely their customers will demand older presentations and of course press will inquire if the original impact is lost. This would be Bentley’s second change after the crisis; previously they launched BE employable campaign for those who could be unemployed and would like to get benefit educational licenses to their MicroStation knowledge.

For now on, I have the good will to assist on May, so to prevent loosing this momentum I request a Select CD to take a look at V8i version. I hope this will arrive in about three weeks (too much time!); therefore, like another personal decisions, I decided to browse information using other sources.  Here I show you the 5 CDs’ content list the shipment have already confirmed me:

Contents of CD: 1

– Bentley Cadastre V8i, Multiple, English –
– Bentley Descartes V8i, Multiple, English –
– Bentley GEOPAK Site V8i, Multiple, English –
– Bentley GEOPAK Survey V8i, Multiple, English –
– Bentley Map V8i, Multiple, English –
– MicroStation GenerativeComponents V8i, Multiple, English –

Contents of CD: 2

– Bentley GEOPAK Bridge XM Edition, Multiple, English –
– Bentley GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite V8i, Multiple, English –
– MicroStation V8 XM Edition Software Prerequisite Pack, Multiple, English –

Contents of CD: 3

– MicroStation Schematics XM Edition, Multiple, English –
– MicroStation V8i, Multiple, English –
– Prerequisites for Bentley Desktop Applications, Multiple, English –

Contents of CD: 4

– Bentley GEOPAK Civil Engineering Suite XM Edition, Multiple, English –
– MicroStation V8 XM Edition, Multiple, English –

Contents of CD: 5

– MicroStation TriForma V8 XM Edition, Multiple, English –

So… we’ll see

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