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AutoCAD Map 3D is compatible with Linux

Although AutoDesk some time ago abandoned its compatibility with Linux, in recent years has made efforts to return, that’s why recently announced its compatibility in this release.


The new Application’s Virtualization Citrix XenApp System allows AutoCAD Map 3D software customers to easily create, deploy and manage geospatial software solutions in a Citrix Environment.

Autodesk and Citrix Systems, Inc. have partnered with the goal of providing their customers more efficiency and flexibility in the use of the Autodesk Geospatial applications. The distribution of AutoCAD ® Map 3D via Citrix XenApp ™ allows customers to increase application’s performance and significantly reduce the costs of implementation.

On a Linux platform, the Citrix Ready solution gets to identify products that are compatible with the Citrix application, simplifying the software selection process for Citrix users and allowing them access to AutoCAD Map 3D. AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 Data users can now reside on Citrix servers, getting increased security, reducing hardware costs and obtaining increased return on investment up to 30 percent.

Processing and management’s application in the datacenter are now centralized through the Citrix application, which reduces IT management costs, increases data security and improves regulatory compliance. In addition, Citrix XenApp even distributes more powerful Windows ® applications on any device or operating platform without sacrificing performance or functionality.

Designers, engineers and managers working in telecommunications, natural resources public administrations and energy sectors rely on AutoCAD Map 3D to integrate data systems from computer aided design-CAD-and Geographic Information System-GIS-during project’s design and maintenance. Organizations usually install the software locally on laptops and high-power workstations so branch office users can use it. However, this traditional decentralized approach can slow WAN networks during secondary resources (back-end) connections, generate security problems and significantly overburden IT staff, which may have to travel to remote offices to provide support.

The distribution of optimized applications extends AutoCAD Map 3D Citrix XenApp value, helping customers to maximize their investment in AutoCAD Map 3D software in various ways as improving WAN performance, offering a more robust applications’ protection or greater data security and intellectual property, as well as the possibility of consolidating and managing servers.

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