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AutoCAD: How to place text aligned to an arc

Let’s assume we have a text that we want to place on arc line. It works almost as Corel Draw, I’m using AutoCAD 2009, although the command is older than Almeida with his crazy things but I will bring it after seeing several queries in the forums and Yahoo Answers.

1. Arctext Command

It is the same known as ArcAlignedText


2. Select the arc

3. We show the characteristics of the text

  • On the arc, down etc.
  • Aligned to the right, left or adjusted
  • The font’s type
  • Height of text
  • Width factor
  • Offset on the text or its edge
  • And of course, put the text you want, in this case I’m putting egeomates

4. Ready


The text can be edited, using the same command and touching, or by opening the properties panel.

It is there in the readme first clip_image003

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