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Videos for learning AutoCAD, free!!!

This is a valuable resource to learn AutoCAD with videos, which incidentally is now free; the only thing that requires from you is to register. Undoubtedly it’ll be a great help for those who want to learn how to use AutoCAD from scratch through It is separated by at least in 5 parts, the

What’s new in AutoCAD 2010

AutoCAD 2010, Wow! This is the name given after Heidi’s review to this AutoCAD version, just a year after her talk about AutoCAD 2009. Coming from an expert woman (Spanish Idiom: “tia”) who takes 17 years seeing what is new each year, may be it would be appropriate to take a look. Several of them

ProgeCAD, another alternative to AutoCAD

ProgeCAD is a low-cost technology based on the IntelliCAD 6.5, which very well may be adopted as a replacement for software of AutoCAD’s level. Let’s see what ProgeCAD has: Similar to AutoCAD Being similar to AutoCAD both in commands and functionality allows no need to train technicians who have mastered that platform. So actions such

The slow progress of CAD integration– Costs

After SAICIC’s death, several Mexican programs appropriated this market, making it one of the engineering areas that was first automated. I remember that sometimes I’d trained costs’ course, and it was necessary to test different applications (available in those days), such us NewWall, Opus, Campeon Neodata. The latter seemed better even it bothered me I

BitCAD – AutoCAD Comparison (Round 1)

I had previously talked about BitCAD, which is an economical alternative to AutoCAD, with a very aggressive advertising and that just now has launched its 6.5 version with 3D capabilities. Every day more and more companies are forced to abandon the pirating practice because international agreements are making that more Governments become involved in the

AnyDWG, to convert dwg files without AutoCAD

AnyDWG is a line of economic tools made for converting AutoCAD files to different formats. Among the best features with these small tools is that they allow conversions from AutoCAD R2.5 dwg format to AutoCAD 2009. Also is salvageable that processes are made massively, in what is known as batch. Most programs contain in a

Autocad not always existed

This is a different way to set the paper space, according to the resolution of the monitor. hehe Via: kakareando por la web

2011: What to expect: CAD Platforms

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Hello my friends, holidays have left like firecrackers, nacatamales (*) and New Year hugs. It’s good to be back to this side of life in a year good for news. AutoCAD comes from 3 years of having given back to interface and is

The most commented on egeomate

This is a summary of the post with the most registered comments; I have selected those who reach at least 10 comments. About natural wonders (156), perhaps what happens to these posts is that they are of general interest and everyone wakes up in the patriotism’s spine. Although there have been added issues to the

Toolkits for AutoCAD Map 3D 2009

In November’s month will be held in different cities of Spain AutoCAD Map 3D 2009 seminars with solutions for different areas as surveying, water, sanitation and electricity. What to be expect in Surveying: There will be presented the tools to create, visualize and analyze topographic models, as well as for design and accurate updating processes

What novelties could AutoCAD 2010 bring

Here is a list of dream wishes for AutoCAD users who have been selected for receiving the most votes in the wish list ballot recently promoted: 1. Protection for the drawing’s design, in short, that it could protect changes to a drawing in “final” conditions. 2. A handler block, it is not intended new features,


翻译注:请在结束这篇文章读了一些意见。 澄清的AutoCAD 我们的意思不是AutoCAD的地图或Civil3D,连接到OGC服务,但简单的AutoCAD 2007版本起,我们的意思是,因为它的参照系功能。 明确的ArcGIS: 未连接到地理数据库或存储在本地的MXD 既不是传统的ArcIMS的(它没有说通过创建服务) 但通过ArcGIS Server的创建,无论是在本地主机,Intranet或Internet服务。 澄清玩具 这是一个免费工具由ESRI称为“为AutoCAD的ArcGIS“,下载并安装,允许从AutoCAD,它可以称得上是由ArcGIS Server提供的数据服务。 需要说明的URL服务,覆盖类型下载。 然后,它被存储在“层管理器,它可以被管理的,就好像它是一个层。 它还尊重的符号和属性,因为它是画在ArcGIS中,可以将数据从相关联的表咨询。 这似乎给了我们一个很好的主动改善与通用的CAD工具的互操作性,因为在这一点上 人群(*)导入和导出选项的理解是要被淘汰,但需要看到的人说什么,如果他们低的水平,就可以通过的ArcSDE地理数据库。 在这里,你可以 下载 它 在这里,你可以看到 视频 的玩具在行动。 翻译注意: (*) 马拉: 这意味着很多人,人群.    

Toy to connect AutoCAD with ArcGIS

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Clarifying what AutoCAD We do not mean AutoCAD Map or Civil3D, that connect to OGC services but the simple AutoCAD 2007 versions onwards, we mean since it had georeferencing functionality. Clarifying what ArcGIS: Did not connect to a Geodatabase or a locally stored