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BitCAD’s creativity

I feel it’s a very good advertising of BitCAD, from IntelliCAD, which incidentally is a low cost alternative to AutoCAD as I told you a while back when we did a more extensive review of this program. It gives a good lesson to the marketing department of Manifold he he. And as they seem cool

AutoCAD Map 3D is compatible with Linux

Although AutoDesk some time ago abandoned its compatibility with Linux, in recent years has made efforts to return, that’s why recently announced its compatibility in this release. The new Application’s Virtualization Citrix XenApp System allows AutoCAD Map 3D software customers to easily create, deploy and manage geospatial software solutions in a Citrix Environment. Autodesk and

Engineering projects with AutoCAD Civil 3D

It’s one of the most complete Spanish resources I’ve seen on Civil 3D; I’ve realized this through the Cartesia Forum and I think that, with AUGI’s resources as a complement, is almost enough to learn Civil 3D. It has been promoted by ApliCAD, who built the entire document with the contribution of Neus Ros (Geodesy

Preparing for my trip to Houston

Yesterday was another such invitations filled with great satisfaction when mentioned are paid expenses for travel and stay. So I’m… happy although life not always smiles, a Google Earth, Google Search and AdSense give good times to a fuckin blog as Geofumadas. I will be by Houston in the week of 6 to 14 June

Civil 3D topographic data

This Wednesday, April 15, 2009 will be a new Civil3D web cast on the management of topographic data among which includes data downloading, surfaces’ generation and cross sections. To do this you need to sign in, have a respectable connection, and meet between 12 and 13. Import, design and exportation of topographic data with AutoCAD

Converting shp to kml… and an all-out smoke

Fdo2Fdo is an interesting application that serves not only to convert shape format files to kml’s as it’s announced in this post in a poorly way. For now, it becomes an alternative after shp2kml’s death which, according to its creator’s rules, has apparently expired Seeing its capabilities it turns in a great surprise considering that

The names of AutoCAD’s 2010 project

In Between the lines has been published the names of the various AutoCAD’s 2010 version projects; it is often used a nickname while the version receives a number to be released. When we are invited to participate as testers, this is the name by which we’re invited … and most times, reflects the project’s manager

Comparison between CAD software

As there is a comparison between computer geographic information systems (GIS) solutions, also on the Wikipedia there is a table for the CAD tools aimed at what we know as AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) There are usually outdated University teachers who tell students that setting Wikipedia as bibliography source is to lower our work’s level; but

From Excel to AutoCAD, more easier than ever

We had already discussed this before, more over, we had done a summary of the best, but I couldn’t avoid the temptation to speak about one simplest version a Cartesia’s Forum user had uploaded precisely today. It’s a simple Excel spreadsheet with columns for entering data, dot’s name and xyz coordinates, perfect for points’ management.

Designing a Solar Plant with AutoCAD Civil 3D

It has been announced a webcast where we can learn about AutoCAD Civil 3D’s applications to solar plants.  This will be on March 26, 2009 at noon (12:00 or 13:00 hours, according to Madrid time, I guess). The webcast content includes: The creation of a digital terrain model (MDT). An MDT analysis using longitudinal and

AutoCAD 2012, when?

This spring we’ll see AutoCAD 2012 new version, some news make us it seem that it is very close. We have not known much of what we might expect, more than what Anglo-Saxon communities comment, and my light predictions; my expectation is now focused on what we might see as new in AutoCAD WS that

Alternatives to convert pdf to dxf

Often we find maps in PDF format, which have been generated from a mapping program, so that is a vector format and we want to import it into ArcMap or AutoCAD. It is curious that being the pdf a well known format, which all export and even now has georeference properties none of popular mapping