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Manuals for the use of GPS and Leica Total Station

By following a link from the gvSIG mailing lists, which today has formalized the final version 1.10, I found an interesting site. This is Openarcheology.net, driven by Oxford Archeology which seeks to promote the use of tools and free systems for surveying applications in archaeological projects. The most valuable of the site are the manuals […]

MapEnvelope and London Eye

MapEnvelope is an interesting and simple smoke of a guy with a great taste for creativity. If you ever wanted to surprise saying where you are in a different style, MapEnvelope as its name suggests, generates an envelope with printed map. It is only necessary to enter the location, for example: London eye, London, uk […]

Returning to the talent

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Let’s go back to the talent, kill the genius and relive the man that rubbed the lamp, because it is better to believe in the one who had the simple initiative than on the result of three wishes that does not cost us […]

36 themes of the Sixth Conference

From December 1 to 3 will be taking place in Valencia the sixth edition of the gvSIG Conference. This event is the best of continuous strategies that the Organization has pushed for the sustainability of software that continues amazing by its potential in the global market penetration. Little by little, free software has been taking […]

How Mapserver works

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last time we talk about some criteria of why MapServer and its basic installation. Now let’s look at some of its performance in a mapping exercise from the Chiapas buddies (*). Where it is mounted Once installed Apache, the default publishing directory for […]

Exploiting twitter: Be Inspired

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. If my cousin had used twitter, the vocal cords of my aunt (RIP) would have better life. Many things have changed in the way news is shouted. Life was simpler 35 years ago, after the second journey of classes,-because they were two– nothing […]

egeomates in almost only photos

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. There is much to be done, definitely much. Here I leave you the best of the last days in images that have left me interesting flavors. Tonight is with the moon and tomorrow with the sun You asked me for parachicos (*) Then […]

Bentley wants its dgn to be most popular

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last year I was talking about what I believed it could be perceived from Bentley with its I-model criteria. This year, the smoke is more clarified, and indeed it is, after it has been seen the recent acquisitions integration results like eB, Exor […]

AutoCAD returns to Mac

There is no doubt that the Mac’s world is better, but our doubts for moving were always: and what do I do with AutoCAD? Who would have believed it, when, after 1994 AutoCAD R13c42b was the last version we saw half running on PowerMacintosh. 18 years later AutoCAD returns for Mac. Just this year it […]

From Amsterdam and something more

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. It has been a fairly long trip. 2 hours from Central America to Miami, 8 hours to London, 1 more to Amsterdam: these added with the 6 ones used in connection coupled reaching 17. The biological clock was customary after hibernating bear in […]

Online digital printing

To print large volumes of a document or a pamphlet, conventional printing is almost the only solution. Partly because color’s separation minimizes costs when the job consist on large printings; but with the disadvantage that it can not be done urgently and in minor volumes not necessarily comes out cheaper. Printia is a company that […]


This is the name of a digital magazine published by companies of regional representation in Europe from Sokkia and Topcom, headquartered in the Netherlands. Published in Dutch and English simultaneously, with the slogan “professional positioning Magazine“, its content goes beyond a mere catalog of products includes topography quite interesting articles for professional application of the […]

Will PCs die for CAD/GIS users?

With what it has cost us to take out the drawing board from the office… Do technical drawing-men have to return to that position? The issue is being discussed in general terms, and not without reason. I’m sure we’re about to see the PC desktop as the print post office, only for special mailings. This […]

What Bentley do bring in Be Inspired

Just a few days from a long trip to London and then Amsterdam, let’s take a look at what the Danish might impress us that this time comes together as finalists. The finalists in the Government and Geospatial issue GeoSite a Denmark company will present a smoke using connection via mobile, via web services that […]

A look at gvSIG 1.10

After a few days of travel across gvSIG 1.9, my impatience for its version’s bugs and other perks, now I return to the gvSIG issue. Having not touched this software for a while have been productive for me, because opening this new version and compare it with the photograph that I had on that occasion […]


I’m on travel, writing and geosmoking on demand. And planning my flight to the other side of the pond…

Alibre, the best for 3D mechanical design

Alibre is the name of a company whose name has its origins in the Latin word Liber, whence comes freedom, liberalism, free, in short a sense of freedom. Hence, the intention of this company is to offer a high quality product at a very surprising price. History shows that the software price for 3D design […]

Talking with Tuent’s people

This week has been published in Directions Magazine an interesting interview with Ernesto Ballesteros from Tuent company, which in just 6 questions bring valuable content to the geospatial community. Tuent is an innovative service that among other things, offers the possibility of territorial dashboard mount. It does not occupy a lot turn for them to […]