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ArcView, extensions and other ESRI products

The 5 States of Matter

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please read the comments at the end of the post to clarify the real meaning of some terms. Dear friends, I would like to drop a poem of the kind that stir me nostalgic, but it will be another day. For now I’m enjoying a holiday that cost to come, here some superficial

Nothing spatial ArcGuments

The matter is that the first time I saw you, the impression I took was that the plot of your style was outside my reach; maybe because the first version I saw was very clearly arranged to your style; so, since those days I got thinking that it was geopdf. Then, I mistook with the

Comparative of topography GIS software

Wouldn’t anyone like to have a table that compares different types of GIS software with topography’s features in order to make a decision on purchase? Well, such a thing exists at Point of Beginning, and it includes not only popular use software such as Autodesk, ESRI, MapInfo or Intergraph but also equipment manufacturers like Topcon,

Sinfogeo: GIS distance courses

Very few times we have seen an offer in the GIS area as the one offered by Sinfogeo. The opportunity is not only to learn but for specialists, which can track students and build online training manuals. Being online it can be taken from anywhere in the world, but are available in classroom (in Spain).

Why we have to thank neogeographers like Google

This is the name of Eric Van Rees interview conducted with the leading men of three outstanding companies in Geoinformatics technologies: Jack Dangermond, ESRI President Richard Zambuni, Director, Bentley Geospatial Line Ton de Vries, CEO of Bentley Cadastre line and land development Halsey Wise, Intergraph President and CEO The document is interesting, and comes at

Hazards of my ArcGIS course

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Before telling them he was going to develop training in the use of ArcGIS 9.3, with a half enormous mode for the distance, my short time and students’ occupations. Now I leave some conclusions: About the methodology: If only everything were so simple.

Videos for learning Manifold and ArcGIS

ScanControl is a website with much to show, but what more drew my attention is that it has presented a demo videos series first of ArcGIS, something not surprising as it’s a highly popularized tool; but what is really interesting is that it also presents a series of videos of Manifold GIS, a tool that

Converting shp to kml… and an all-out smoke

Fdo2Fdo is an interesting application that serves not only to convert shape format files to kml’s as it’s announced in this post in a poorly way. For now, it becomes an alternative after shp2kml’s death which, according to its creator’s rules, has apparently expired Seeing its capabilities it turns in a great surprise considering that

Geomatics, further developments

  Apart from the published magazine few days ago by Geoinformatics, there are some other issues, published this month in its portal, that worth sharing. Although some of these ads look like (Spanish idiom:‘tienen pinta’) being sponsored; they contribute a bit to the progress that technology is having now and sets the standard towards what

ArcGIS and Manifold GIS comparison

It’s just a titanic work which has made by a Manifold’s user called tomasfa and that has been uploaded to that tool’s forum. It reminds me that Arthur J. Lembo’s work when he did a very systematic job of how to do the same routine with ArcGIS and Manifold. More than the comparative sense I

The best of the gvSIG’s 4th Journeys…

Many people agree that the best achieved in this recent days’ journeys was the allusive event’s magazine, which represents a great job, not only for the regarding content but for its fancy graphic design.  For those who received the printed format, certainly it represents an invaluable one-piece collection, just the same as those Obelix’s comics