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Antique maps in Google Maps

Some time ago I had seen on the Google Earth’s official blog, but after that Opaco has reminded us, I took a few minutes to see it working. I mean the old maps from the Rumsey collection made on Google Maps or Google Earth.

This example shows a map of the Iberian Peninsula in 1710, Spain divided by Castilla and Aragon. Portugal also appears.


The David Rumsey collection began 20 years ago, with primary focus on mapping the Americas of the 18th and 19th centuries (I will use these nomenclature because Roman numerals get me gray hair when I read) but it also contains world maps of Asia, Africa, Europe and Oceania. The collection to date amount near to 150,000 maps includes atlas, areas, school maps, books, charts and a variety of maps including Pocket, wall, children’s maps and other manually elaborated.

The scanning began about 1997. Thus it was possible to have this kind of valuable documents with high resolution, because if you remember, maps were content in great detail, now everything is in the database and for different purposes such results are represented graphically.

Of course, one of the goals was always to serve on the web and what better than to see them in the world popular mapping services, such as Google Maps and Google Earth, toys that changed the way we see the world.

In this map you can see the different rate of existing maps, and in the case of world maps there are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. By bringing the mouse close it shows the year of the product.


Once clicked the icon, you can see the overview map, a link to see all the concerned information on both the original and the digitized map and another link to view deployed, with which it activates some sticks where you can control the transparency. Look eastern Brazil, 1842.


To view them in Google Earth just have to download this kmz that binds and allows viewing.

See this map of Colombia in 1840 while still including Ecuador, Venezuela and parts of Peru.


And what to say from this of East Argentina, 1867, this map shows the native American tribes in the middle of the 19th century


It really is a valuable contribution to the dissemination of that mapping collection. Here you can view the entire collection

And this is a list of some of the most significant maps

North America Caribbean and South America Europe
Mexico 1809
Mexico City 1883North America:
North America 1733
North America 1786
United States 1833
Lewis and Clark 1814
Mississippi River 1775
Western U.S. 1846
Alaska 1867
Hawaii Oahu 1899
Yosemite Valley 1883

United States:
Chicago 1857
Denver 1879
Los Angeles 1880
New York 1836
New York 1851
New York 1852
San Francisco 1853
San Francisco 1859
San Francisco 1915
Seattle 1890
Washington DC 1851
Washington DC 1861

Canada 1815
Montreal 1758
Montreal 1815
Quebec 1759
Quebec 1815

South America:
South America 1787
Argentina 1867
Buenos Aires 1892
Brazil 1842
Colombia 1840
Peru 1865
Lima, Peru 1865Caribbean:
Cuba 1775
Martinique 1775
St. Vincent 1775
St. Lucia 1775
Europe 1787

Spain 1701
Madrid 1831
Portugal 1780

France 1750
France 1790
Paris 1716
Paris 1834

Italy 1800
Rome 1830
Ancient Rome 1830
Ancient Greece 1708

United Kingdom:
England and Wales 1790
Scotland 1790
London Environs 1832
London 1843
Ireland 1790

Rhein-Province 1846
Oldenburg 1851
Der Harz 1852
Nassau 1851
Wurttemberg 1856
Hanover 1851
Sachsen 1860
Sachsen North 1852
Hessen 1844
Brandenburg 1846
Prussia 1847
Pommern 1845
Schleswig 1852
Possen 1844
Bayern 1860
Berlin 1860

Scandinavia 1794
Switzerland 1799

Russia 1706
Russia 1776
Russia 1794
Moscow 1745
Moscow 1836
St. Petersburg 1753

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