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And finally, which natural wonders follow?

At date, the campaign for the natural wonders has given us the first disappointment, and is that in its FAQ they claimed that on January 1 2009 would be announced which are the natural wonders that applied to the next stage.

It was expected that at this time they had defined one wonder for country, but they still have not pronounced … bad, bad. So now it isn’t possible to see which were on top, and in addition the last time we talked about this was in September 2008.

Despite of being a topic somewhat “alien” to the spatial smokes, it was one of the most discussed, now is not possible to see the ranking, it is assumed that the jury should be making decisions, in the past few days barely joined the possibility to see the proposals separated by category and integrated AdSense ads on the right.

On a “unofficial” way, proposals that for some reason did not meet conditions, such as have not been officially supported, have a label which says that they will not pass to the next phase.

It is expected that on this month will be selected one proposal by country, additionally will join those that are shared by more than one and then the vote will continue until July 21st when the 21 finalists will be selected.

So if you expect to know which will win, it will be until 2011 when the final vote will end.

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