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Alternatives to convert pdf to dxf

Often we find maps in PDF format, which have been generated from a mapping program, so that is a vector format and we want to import it into ArcMap or AutoCAD. It is curious that being the pdf a well known format, which all export and even now has georeference properties none of popular mapping programs has developed import function even it can be the ones he himself created.

Here I present two alternatives.

1. Through a graphic design program

This can work in Adobe Illustrator or Freehand.

The output is import from the design program, then export to dxf that any CAD / GIS program can open; of course you have to understand that dxf alone has not georeference

2. Through AideCAD

This is a program that converts vector from the pdf to dxf format


Unfortunately both are pay programs but there are trial versions that can get a fix.

3. By another solution

I remember seeing another more practical solution, but now I do not remember, we leave space for someone to tell us if there is another alternative … then finish the post.

It has already appeared the first:

pdf to dxf converter 6.5.2

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