Allallsoft, a software to download maps from Google, Yahoo, VirtualEarth and OSM


Allallsoft has a number of applications that help to download images from the most popular on-line services for mapping. These programs have evolved compared to Google Image Donwnloader, software of which I spoke almost two years ago and that for a moment; it seemed to have stopped working.

The basic difference between these programs and Stitchmaps is that with this program we can only download from Google Earth through an ActiveX; while all the others can download from the site map, including Google Maps, Virtual Earth, Yahoo Maps and Open Street maps.

For all of them, there are trial versions that can be downloaded; these are limited in the closeness level. Its operation is similar; they have a panel for downloading, an image viewer and a routine to merge them, just as I showed in that review.

They are purchased separately, and all the pack goes for $ 29.95:

Program Download Approach
Yahoo Satellite Maps Downloader
Allows downloading satellite images from Yahoo maps Trial:  up to 6
Full: up to 1View
Yahoo Normal Maps Downloader
Allows downloading map’s images Trial:  up to 6
Full: up to 1View
Microsoft Virtual Earth Satellite Downloader
Downloads satellite image from Virtual Earth Trial:  up to 13
Full: up to 19View
Microsoft Virtual Earth Hybrid Downloader
The satellite image, but with the streets and their names on the image. Trial:  up to 13
Full: up to 19View
Microsoft Virtual Earth Map Downloader
With this it can be downloaded the map’s layer, but always using an image format. Trial:  up to 13
Full: up to 19View
Google Maps Downloader
Download the maps’ layers in image format, including from some GPS cache. Trial:  up to 11
Full: up to 19View
Google Maps Terrain Downloader
With this, it can be downloaded the image with the deployment of the ground. Trial:  up to 10
Full: up to 15View
Google Satellite Maps Downloader
For downloading satellite image from Google Maps. Trial:  up to 13
Full: up to 20, some zones only reaches 18.View
Google Hybrid Maps Downloader
For downloading satellite image layer, with streets and their names. Trial:  up to 13
Full: up to 19View
OpenStreet Maps Retriever
For downloading maps from

Open Street Maps (OSM).

This is a Softonic application, the maximum rapprochement of the trial version is up to 12.

Trial:  up to 12



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