A great vacation in more than 10 photos

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With everything and what I would like not to, the Easter holiday came to an end. I don’t know if my children will remember trips like this, but it happens to me that what most I remember is the day when my father was in these lands; this was when he requested me to prepare my suitcase with high heel shoes which were effective against snakes’ bites; he also asked me to bring a mesh cap on the forehead, to prevent thorns hurting my face.

Those were wonderful days, he took me to visit each of the property’s boundaries for which he fought all his life; I can almost remember each spot with the exact words:

From that Quebracho we threw up the ravine, making a break by Lady Virginia’s home…

Now we climb this living fence, by the entire Pie-venado line…

Climbing this cliff, we reach the Summit of mount Zatoca, near Avilius property.

My travels aren’t not exactly equal, nor have I repeated the same routine or season. Internet and Facebook have taught me that it is not healthy or safe, and even that, what things must be tell later to prevent negative incidents.

Here I leave the most significant photos of this trip, which already ended.


In the thermal waters, the cascade is boiling water from the Luna Jaguar Spa, combined with the river’s cold flow is simply delicious.


Here is 18 Rabbit meditating in 300 ways how to improve his handwriting.

Children with a head that historians weren’t unable to locate its original place. With the similarity of Persian figures, surely someone brought from other place just to make fun of them (*).

A good day, witnessing how people prepared carpets of sawdust, tomorrow morning this will be finalized. Up to 16 hours of work, which ends in 15 minutes when the procession of Holy Thursday come.


To avoid losing custom, they became fishes for three hours in a sunny day.


God, save me, if only they won’t be talking about guys…


A technique to strategically make a loop with Scout knot to the buzzard. (In this area, “amarrar el zope” is called to the common act of vomiting)

In Rosalila Temple’s reply, in the Copan Ruins museum.

Here, in the tunnels area. It happens that these Mayans built city over city, to overshadow the glory of the previous ruler, and to know something more it must be done tunnels through which you can half see buried cities. Inheritance that is pitifully inherited by the politicians who do the same in perverse version.

clip_image010For food … we don’t have to worry.

Except my cholesterol.

Straight ahead, some Sincronizadas (*), at the center the seasoning and at background, my daughter choking tacos prepared at Zots Restaurant.

The same which she ‘released’ an hour later on the road.


They are just lovely.

Fort San Cristobal, on the return trip
With special dedication to my friend from Houston.


(*) Tomar el pelo: Spanish idiom that alludes when someone makes fun of other person.

(*) Taco: another traditional dish it’s made with another kind of ‘tortilla’, tomato, onion, cilantro and melted cheese.

(*) Sincronizadas o Quesadillas: Traditional Central American food which consists in a kind of ‘omelet’ without eggs made with flour, jam and cheese.

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