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7 Wonders, the battle of the 77


After having been selected 77 proposals for natural wonders, has launched the voting process. In the previous stage, it has voted for the best proposals by country, where it was possible to each country to obtain at least one proposal for each category.

Now the vote has been organized into 7 groups, where should exit 21 finalists, perhaps, 3 for each group.

Group Observations We Recommend
21 proposals
There are, in this first group, open landscapes and ice formations. Here the battle must be against Kalahari.
  • Atacama
30 proposals
Here are located the islands, there aren’t so much and we assign many possibilities to Cocos in Costa Rica, although Galapagos but could take advantage
  • Galápagos
  • Cocos
  • Tierra del Fuego
  • Ometepe
  • Maldivas
36 proposals
Mountains and volcanoes, it’s needless to vote, since in this group Everest or Fuji will be in the selection. A pity that Guatemala stayed outside.
  • Everest
30 proposals
Caves, rock formations and valleys. Grand Canyon is probably the favorite but we recommend Colca and Drainage.
  • Grand Canyon
  • Colca
  • Drainage
57 proposals
Forests, national parks and nature reserves. This is one of the most competitive, the favorite is Amazon
  • Banano
  • Amazon
  • Sierra Nevada
58 proposals
Lakes, rivers and waterfalls. Same as the above group, difficult for Hispanic proposals although there are several, have it difficult against Niagara that will be on the front lines, apart from the Ganges and the Danube
  • Niagara
  • Salto del Angel
  • Iguazu
  • Titicaca
  • Victoria
  • Superior
  • Coatepeque
25 propuestas
Marine scenarios, this will drive a great match between the proposals in Southeast Asia against the Great Reef Barrier
  • Great Reef Barrier

For now, the voting starts, and you can see the live ranking, updated every other day, who are tapping.


Is innovative in this stage the integration of more social networks, which can be linked through plugins, as Twitter and Facebook

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