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7 Magazines in the geomatics’ environment

The way things are communicated has changed a lot with the evolution of knowledge management systems. Talking about magazines today is not the same as 25 years ago; the variety of formats has given greater riches and every day is left static or printed versions by learning communities. All of this contributes to make information available for longer, with less cost-although it is also true it’s faster outdated.

As an example, I leave to you a quick list of 7 journals which should be included in our repertoire to stay informed of what is happening in this geospatial world. Surely there are more, at the end are included other 16 which are no less important, but varying the format and certainly there is more.


With a great influence among the big software and equipment companies. They edit a print and digital version in these new formats that Flash has become popular. For the Dutch environment and in its own language CMedia edits GISMagazineas a local version.

Subscribing to it is a great investment, it costs only a click and you receive an email each time you get a new copy.

GIM International.

The same as above it has its origin in the egeomate context of Netherlands. It is produced by Geomares, with more partnerships, but with the disadvantage that the online editions do not include the entire contents of the printed version.

It is published every month and has a larger writing team. You have to subscribe, what happens in the GIS world will definitely be published by GIM International.

Geospatial World.

This magazine, founded in Asia in the tech boom in India is very diverse and is well positioned in that region.

Includes various editions as GeoIntelligence, GIS Development and specific versions for Africa, Middle East, Asia Pacific and Malaysia.

You can download pdf versions from different years and there’s an option to subscribe to their news

Geo World.

This is headquartered in United States, and therefore its primary focus is on this market. Although is the magazine with more widely circulation in the geospatial theme.

You can browse online flash version and also subscribe.

GEO Connexion.

Born in United Kingdom, there is a specific Edition for this environment called GEOconnexion UK with five copies per year, and a so-called Geo: which is international in nature with 10 copies per year.Online you can view some articles; the other content is only viewed by paid subscription.

It is from the best in the Western environment, produced by MundoGEO more than a magazine is a comprehensive learning community and associated services.

Exists in English, Portuguese and like a few, almost the only, in Spanish, it’s very well positioned in the booming Brazilian economy.


This is a monthly magazine based in India and therefore in a position in that region where the technology issue is a promising boom.


Apart from the above, there are other magazines, some in the traditional format and others under the model of information managers popularized by Internet. The following list includes some from supplying software companies such as AutoDesk, Bentley and ESRI.

Imaging Notes.  It’s a magazine with increased emphasis on remote sensing.

Earth Imaging Journal (EIJ).  It’s likely the above, but more widely.

Geomedia.  This is a geospatial-oriented Italian magazine.

Directions Magazine.  Under digital magazine format, it includes a Spanish version and related blogs

Vector Media.  With a different approach, but is always present at CAD / GIS events.

GIS User.  It’s a magazine with a bit of everything, but with some disorder in its format but with good positioning in the GIS issue.

Land Surveyors. It’s a digital edition field-oriented to the topography field.

Professional Surveyor.  It’s a monthly print publication with positioning in the United States.

Point of Beginning.  It’s a surveying journal with many years on market; it’s free for some strategic partners.

OSGeo Journal. It’s a journal with news in the Open Source geospatial technologies field.

EARTH.  It is a magazine formerly known as GeoTimes, focusing more on the geography field.

ASM.  It’s the acronym of Asian Surveying and Mapping, a magazine well positioned in the Far East, broad in GIS, CAD, and CAM themes.

GPS World.  This is a magazine focused on global positioning equipment. It has free subscription to companies and strategic partners.

Technology&more.  It’s a magazine sponsored by Trimble, well suited for users of this type of equipment.

ArcNews.  It’s ESRI business magazine, with information on its products, cases of use and some useful topics for users of ArcView and family.

AUGI AEC Edge.  This magazine keeps its focus on AutoDesk products. It is very useful for users of AutoCAD and other solutions from this company.

BE Current.  Formerly known as BE Magazine, is a journal for Microstation users and other Bentley Systems solutions.

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