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5 Recommendations for the safety of a surveying equipment (tr)

It was difficult to convince the bosses at the time; the equipment to buy should be insured against theft, damage and accidents. It is understandable in the first instance, with questions such as:

If the equipment will then be donated to the municipality, why would not they better pay the insurance?
Against theft? Doesn’t this give possibilities to our staff to always assume it by loosely?
Against accidents? Is our staff so clumsy?
Are we ready for this? Insurers never lose.

The amount wasn’t even much, in this country it still could be done for $200 a year, not bad for equipment whose price was over 8,000 dollars. So whenever I left with the orange bags the Administration’s witches rag me:

“… There goes our super technical, with the super equipment, super insured…”

Until the first incident happened:
The Mayor’s cousin rose short-tempered, went at full speed next to the park and with his furious, brought down the tripod. In this case theodolite wasn’t mounted, so the damage was hardly for tripod’s cost, about $400.
Then again came back my lawsuit. Insurance does not recognize this damage by being less than deductible, which was usually 10 %.

– I told you ‘- said my boss, with eyes of early squidward. -The insurance companies always win.

No way, the tripod’s charge must be paid by the Mayor. While this happens, technicians made a splint which tarnished the sharpness of bright yellow and looked more like a Vietnam cripple. Although the insurer was in position to accuse the guilty for terrorism because this didn’t seem an accident, but a revenge act for doing cadastre with fiscal approach.

Months later, another team arrived with his damage report. The insurance demanded to be sent to specialized house.
It’s impressive, but it seems that the fall made the turn blocked, and instead of reporting, they forced it so much that broke inside (this was told to me in confidence). So here it was an accident, but followed by a fumble. Given a total damage like that, the insurer paid the new equipment … but before a fight for not sending it to the United States to verify that in fact as stated in the damage report it was “made shit”.

Total stationIt took other minor incidents, with which we gained experience, but there was one that found me interesting. A technician called me reporting an accident. I replied that he must immediately seek for the municipality police judge and make an incident’s report so as to be send to the insurance company.

I admit he exaggerated a bit, but the trustee report was so lyrical that sounded like this:

It was Wednesday, the hot sun was looking for stealing a furtive kiss to the lazy horizon, which resigned for the afternoon, did nothing but extend the waiting in flashes of tundra and burnt sienna tones. Its HEX # d46138 orange hue gave a magical touch to the sunset, untimely rays filtered through the branches causing a melancholic touch on my tanned face, result of almost three days raising the sewer system of San Marcos municipality in Santa Barbara.

Suddenly, from one of the paddocks on the left side, which already was in its second manure grass growth’s month, appeared a lamb-squarters colored horse, pulling as gray, opaque, or both; its brisk pace walking in 3/4 time’s compass surprised me so that I had no time but for only protect my humanity before the discordant arpeggio of such a scenario. The horse brought down the total station and disappeared with the same feeling that came: as sunbeam which rises the east and sets in the west, almost like the coming of the Son of Man…

The apparatus landfall 8 seconds after the contact with the bovid right haunch, the keyboard touched a stone and dislodged the F1 piece and then cracked to a limestone 89% buried in soil, a ballast result on that brown soil which in my opinion was consolidated shale. And there I was, stunned, while beyond the fence I could hear the neighing in sustained Fa, mournful as sorry for the not compensable caused injury…

The Pauline Epistle was longer, and just that impression caused to me when I read it. Jo, jo.
The insurer sent the equipment to the brand representative, and after a couple of minutes, his eyebrows fall, stretched, buckled and said that unforgettable phrase:

-Horse in surveyor poet!

Because of the short time this afternoon leaves, missing the girl who lights my eyes, will stop the prose to make honor to the article’s title.
5 Recommendations for a total station insurance:
1. The first step after buying a total station is to ensure it.
2. Establish a uses and care regulation, and train your staff to respect it.
3. Teach them to make incident reports.
4. Learn how insurers operate.
5. Praying is worth.

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