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40 + lisp routines

autolisp-n-dcl-2 Among the best of Construcgeek, it has the routines’ collection to improve work with AutoCAD; some of them are very practical for topography. Here is a summary of the best, so you can take a look at the new design; for downloading the files. lsp it’s necessary to enter as a registered user.

To learn AutoLisp
AutoLisp practice Course
The ACAD.LSP archive
Lisp for conversions and operations
Converting feet to metres and viceversa
Multiply all selected texts
Converting inches to metres
Add the lengths of the selected layers’ lines
Add the values of the selected texts
Add or substract values to selected texts
Get areas from shaded sections
Get the slope of a line or a polyline
Work with coordinates
Get the coordinates of an indicated point and placing them replacing selected texts
Import points coordinates from a text file
Generate a coordinates’ grid
Export or create a coordinates’ table with the indicated points
Lisp Routines for interaction with Excel
Export the coordinates of points to a CSV file
Export the polyline’s vertexes to Excel
Import areas from a CSV file to transversal section
List the image’s paths inserted in the drawing
Replacing a text with the current file’s path
Replacing a selected text with the current date using various output formats
Object’s Selection
Selection all the layer entities from a selected object
Delete internal or external objects from a selected polyline
Select all the entities of an input layer
Copy the entire text to another one
Change the amount of decimals from a text without loosing its original value
Align various texts taking the selected first one as a reference
Copy the height of a text and set it to another selected texts
Display a dialog box with a custom message
Select a text and set the obtained value as a block attribute
Change the texts’ height according to an entered percentage
Setting as text content the indicated dimension point
Lisp for topography and 3D
Converting 3DFace entities to ACIS Solids
Insert dimension points in contour levels from its elevation
Draw the lines of the cut or fill slopes
Draw a line with an indicated incline
Draw a line with an indicated slope
Calculate cut and fill areas of cross sections
Drawing a retaining wall
Set an specific altitude point in an indicated point
Insert the slopes of a longitudinal profile
Insert the progressives in a guitar profile
Insert a mark on the vertexes of a polyline
Get the incline of a selected line
Replace texts with the progressive and other with the indicated altitude adding a prefix or a sufix


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