2010 legacy

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What do I say, when I’m near a few hours to go on holiday; so I leave what the wind was about to take and what a fucking stuck because the golden goal is no longer valid. Although in a couple of topics I begged with tears.

About the Honduran crisis

clip_image001Well, there’s not much novelty. You need only give a glance to the last pages of 100 years of solitude, and shall see that both the coup and beaten follow the script, some mandated, some by inertia, 16 after the play.

But well, President Lobo is recognized by everybody – almost – minus a few and he of course not yet believed it.

Ecuadorians, if you want to coup Correa; you need to come here to take a pajama lecture first. I think that in a couple of days you will be taught how to well ironing the bunny’s pajamas.

The best thing Zelaya could do is to awake the initiative to break the bipartisanship and the curiosity in people for the right to participate. Although the topic goes for long, social debt is high, and behind there are always other interests.

The year was worn around the same vegetable; you’re going, you come, you do not come, I will not. An interesting circus, but if we follow that show, we’ll end up crazy and would forget that we must fight for our puppies that have tasks to help them.

From my personal stress

End of the year is always difficult, stress occupations and ends up in 4.125. But it has been a rewarding year, the graduation of my son, the girl who enlightens my eyes also, incidentally she learned to drive; it is curious that now that I expected to lie down for a while as she drives, the pressure of seeing her driving through the center of the road and the fear caused by piggish taxi drivers has not let me rest and more It has returned a sharp pain in my back.

The doctor said it was the column-of years-.

But nevertheless, I did a hundred new miles, the ones that could not be done by plane has been done by train, in ticabus, in trolebus(*); inclusively because of the Fantasy fans I had to call one day so that they’ll wait me with the beast. Finally it is nice to be healthy and good humor.

About the international crisis

Thankfully, Obama said it ended, if he doesn’t do so, we’ll have a recession for two years more. My friend in Houston said they now sell more homes, if anything is thanked to this man is the magic touch to win the Nobel in advance and that one in three flukes (**) will go on.

Anyway it was an interesting exercise with which they taught us how to practice saving. Many companies took advantage to redefine issues that had in mind for many days, some for good.

And another crisis is looming in the Far East. I have nothing against capitalism, I am aware that there is nothing better than fighting in a fair fight, compete and see results from that. But it is wrong that some threads decide when to drop the global economy; that with only a twit, forty companies close in a large village, leaving 40,000 people without jobs and up to 3 years after it can be demonstrated that half of them were illegal at north-or at Spain-.

CAD/GIS technologies

The best is the gaze of AutoDesk to Mac. Not because I’ll buy me an Air (which is my will) but by the trend that it will mark for thirds to turn their look again towards the CAD environment.

It seems that Apple’s moment is coming, 4 of 10 gadgets chosen by Times as revelations of 2010 are white colored. The only thing Apple needs is to be cheaper, and what is required for this is that the market dumps toward it, then all sort of gadgets (***) will be manufactured compatible with the apple.

About Internet

Networks come, networks don’t come. Facebook and Twitter business models seem to stay with the best slice, or at least the most promising in our contexts.

I wanted to comment more, but I hope to review my last Christmas predictions in the holiday.

About my team

The best of team, sorry I should decimate it in order to enter a new stage. 2010 has been a very rewarding year on employment matters. Although it has had bad times, I am optimistic that it will end with good flavor.


It’s a pity not to have had a mingled with the entire group, and to thank all of them for their efforts. No more consultations, closures, city council, time of rest for everyone. Have a good time Mr. F!, Mr. W!, Mr. M!, p! n! or m! m! and all the other m!


(*) ticabus, trolebus. The colloquial names of some road transports note there’s a union of two words tica + bus and trole + bus

(**) chiripa. It’s the jargon for English word fluke.

(***) gadgets. In Spanish is known as ‘artilugios’ but the author’s term is ‘artilfugio’.

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