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10 interesting answers

I don’t believe in this spam’s statement, which accredits these exam’s responses to some University, but I have no doubt that more than one answer is a legitimate creation in good faith. The answers in red are thoughts aloud.

Which are the heart’s movements?:
Rotation around itself and Translation around the body.
The aorta must be strangling you; so it impedes your thinking, piece of idiot!
Give a definition of circle:
It is a line pasted by two endpoints forming a ring.
Great, seems simple for its reformulation…
What were the aqueducts?:
They were built to carry water from one extreme to another rather than go carrying buckets.
This is the most rational answer of all.
Literature- Measure the second verse written on the board:
It’s about 75 cm
Thanks to God that the genius didn’t have a distanciometer…
For study, in how many parts is the nature divided?:
‘ na ‘ ‘ ture‘.
Davinci, a syllable has got pasted to the other one.
How do amphibians breathe?:
The frog has a cleft sewer, which launches the typical sound ‘cloac, cloac’.
Luckily the cleft…
How do mountain range form?:
Mountains don’t form in one or two days, they take a long time for it.
Yes… Perhaps, weeks?
What is the atmosphere?:
The atmosphere is the site where takes place atmosphere’s processes like clouds. In this place seismic rays are produced; these ones generate earthquakes and Earth’s trembling.
Without any word
Name some Antibiotics:
Alcohol, cotton and peroxide.
Yes and the bandages would be removable by-passes … scatterbrained!
What’s the Faith?:
It’s what God give us to understand priests.
37 years trying to understand them…

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