XII meeting of Latin American Geographers

Through Mundo Geo I heard of this meeting which will be in Montevideo, Uruguay from April 3 to 7, 2009 at the Republic University under the theme: “Walking through a transformation in Latin America”


The key themes of this conference:

  1. Latin America’s geography in transformation.
  2. Global restructuring territories.
  3. Theoretical and methodological responses of Geography at recent specialties.
  4. Advances in the use of territorial information technologies.
  5. Processes of society-nature interaction.
  6. Education and teaching of Geography.
  7. Change and permanence in the culture and identity.

The determination of issues seeks only to order and not to exclude the range which characterizes the discipline and that is always expressed in their events.

The philosophy of these meetings is based on these 4 principles:

  • The encourage to the development of geographical work and the search for scientific discussion of all Latin American Geography with the participation of all persuasions;
  • Support for research, teaching and Latin American extension through agreements between different schools and institutions that group geographers together;
  • Even though it cannot be spoken of a “Latin American methodology”, it is proposed to develop Geography with the vision of those who inhabit this part of the world attending main spatial issues (territorial, environmental, social and economic) affecting the region;
  • The meetings have not been a body that governs the Latin American Geography as they work to stimulate an open relationship which avoids the creation of exclusive power groups. Between meetings, the sole authority and common task is that of the host country of each Congress, with the sole purpose of enabling the development of the event.

For more information see the website http://www.egal2009.com/

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