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Perhaps WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for those who take this job very seriously. Since the moment the user can make his blog works, there is a constant dependence on plugins, themes, tips and tricks to know their optimization.

For these users, Wpdesigner is an interesting choice, although this page maintains a fairly staid appearance; its author, for several years, has been teaching several tricks that include creating a template from the beginning, until advanced tips and free templates.


It struck on me an entry called 10 best web hosting sites that, in a flat table, shows a comparison of ten hosting providers. It’s sure that for someone who’s looking for a hosting, to see this entry could end up deciding by one of them, because the aspects that fall within the comparison are:

· Prices

· Installation

· Domain

· Storage

· Return guarantee

Unfortunately, links to content are very poor and do seem that there isn’t so much behind this blog that exists since May 2006. Perhaps it would improve if some pages summarizes its contents and separates defined places for tricks, templates and tutorials; instead of having to navigate through the entire site.

But if you want to devote time knowing how to build a template since the first step, for WordPress, then Wpdesigner is the place.

Link: Wpdesigner

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