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Tips to use of Wordpress and other content management systems

What’s New in WordPress 3.1

It has been launched a new WordPress update. Many things have changed in content management platform in recent years; now new versions updates are a single button. For those who suffer doing so via ftp, at times we’ve even come thinking that simplicity makes code losing its grace. But what a good thing is for […]

Wpdesigner, tips for WordPress

Perhaps WordPress is the most popular blogging platform for those who take this job very seriously. Since the moment the user can make his blog works, there is a constant dependence on plugins, themes, tips and tricks to know their optimization. For these users, Wpdesigner is an interesting choice, although this page maintains a fairly […]

Now, install WordPress

In the previous post, we saw how to download and upload WordPress to our lodging. Now let’s see how to install it. 1. Creating the database For this, in Cpanel, select MySQL Databases. Here, we indicate the name of the database; in this case I will use smoke and press the Create button. See how […]

Installing WordPress, before 5 minutes

WordPress is a platform on which are mounted a lot of blogs, usually those that, after being with free providers -like Blogger-, want to have better control of their space. It is said that it’s only needed 5 minutes to be installed, but understanding it takes a couple of hours the first time. It happens […]