The petroleum map


TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post.

It is there in Flickr, by the way, we must update what we learned in geography in sixth grade about Eastern Europe, but is interesting; it is a map watched by the oil interests point of view (at least in that there is much emphasis)… created by the impression of the graphic designer.

A little complicated some of the translations, and much worse for those that are not European, but there is going.

Rest of Europe = Union of subsidized farmers

Switzerland and Andorra = the bank

Russia = the paranoid oil empire

Irak = United States

Syria = Rogue (*) State

Turkey = No Youtube land

Lebanon = Mess

Israel = War addicts

Ukraine = Gas stealers

Norway = Selfish Fishermen Land

Black Sea = Sea without petroleum

It should be seen if someone has already made one of the Hugo Chavez Pitiyankee Empire or from the O.B.ama land.


Rogue: can also be understand as scoundrel, shrewd.

geograficas a utm 2

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