The other half part of my life


What could reward the hurry on my last days?

  • Take an airplane from one day to another in an ATR that teeters too much in this winding time
  • Wait for 9 hours at the airport that was closed at the return because of the rain, in a terminal that looks more like funeral home… and with no wireless.
  • Find a camera borrowed at 6 am a
  • Leave the blog without updates because of a long trip.

Well, the graduation of my child.

F * she even looks like me…

By the time my son got graduated, the conditions were similar… until today he reminds me so.

clip_image002There are things in life that only happen once, close your eyes for a moment and you’ve lost them… and that could be half of our lives.

Finally to celebrate we have travel inland, to see a a friend’s wedding, visit relatives and take a few photos of villages. Here is one of the best I have taken, this is the Church of Pespire, which in the Guinness World Records is mentioned because is the unique in the world to have three domes… I’ve unchecked this but it was what the parish priest told me.

geograficas a utm 2

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