The case of Honduras history will talk

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rompecabezas The case of Honduras is a situation which is full of much confusion that I do not mean clarifications because there are so people who have that role. More complicated is that the fight is not only administrative for the democracy but has ideological connotations, and at this point I prefer not to give my opinion (*).

  • I don’t sympathize with the right, because half of my life they have shown me that all (with some exceptions) are equal, stakeholders in their own affairs, wealthy to interests.
  • Nor have sympathy with left because although many of its tenets are interesting, many social achievements have been due to their contribution, what happens is that a high percentage of my family died fighting for these ideals and after almost taking half my life dreaming with their promises, I spent the other half trying to forget them.
  • And the mixed between the two, may become as perverse as the same ends almost as playing with the bar bands from a satellite image … but with careless (**).

So with two kids in school, home mortgage amortized over low heat, allergies by the ideological extremes, open for ways of life that I would not do but have proved me be correct, I end up concluding that without my monthly adrenaline I have dreams that the world can be a better place… for everyone.

Then what will the story of Honduras tell, time knows but I want to close the yesterday’s chapter which I just could write it via mobile because the internet connection was a calamity. I had so many want to finish a post on the usefulness of retaining dirty cadastre maps for its historical and legal value but inspiration is cut off when you must think about the safety of your children whom nor idea have about the risk that exists out there as long as they have TV cable.

1. I insist on the issue of corruption

These people are tired of the abuse of power, use of public resources (of us) for private purposes or spent irresponsibly. The height is seen in those who do it so brazenly that it’s commented even as a praised cunning, and this is known by everybody. I even dare to suppose that they themselves may know it too.

While this persists, there will always be democratic instability in Latin America.

2. Coup or no coup, it doesn’t care

International news has focused on what is a military coup, others that have spoken with Honduran call it an oligarchy conspiracy, and others call it a constitutional succession.

The fact is this, I do not expect to formalize it, and you have to be here in recent years to know what this is. For now, the new government must justify internationally its legality and the previous to find enough strength with ALBA, OAS, Mercosur and others entities to fight its right.

I really do not care, the peace of the population is broken, both by the imprudence of a president accustomed to say “this male is my mule, and that with good intentions fight out with his party, with churches, with judicial power, legislative power, the public prosecutor, and finally with the military. Many of his actions leave us in great doubt about who should put in order the arbitrary actions of a president. In equal way the other side broke our peace, for leaving him get very far with his madness and the hypocrisy of those who prefer to leave someone finish its sink so they can do what their expectations are (***).

But finally a legacy of Zelaya stay in the population who woke up with a hope to be heard, and that now will claim. Unfortunately he did in a too controversial way to the country’s legal establishment and under flirtation with the extreme left that has sympathy with the cancellation of many freedoms in the countries where it is set up in a totalitarian manner.

3 Mission difficult, not scr*w it again

Now comes the litmus test, the constitutional successor has just six months to show her will not act just as many as we had. In November must have presidential elections again, as it is planned and this crazy story should end as long as there is an opportunity to choose the “least worst”

But while they pass these six months, we expect to close the chapter of extreme sectarianism, and open a national dialogue which provide opportunities to talk about many changes that are still needed long ago. The country has many flaws to deal with, such as political patronage, lack of long-term planning, the legal reorganization, poetic decentralization, heritage of political power at the level of surnames, sickly bipartisanship, well…

If you want to make substantial changes, it takes a long-term work, and that means opening the door to people’s participation with better alternatives than firefighting taken by the rules of the referendum and plebiscite existing law.

If one thing we ask the successor, is that in just six months he doesn’t fuck it up, because it is too little time for stubbornness that have demonstrated some of his sectarian views. The country has an interesting opportunity to speak honestly; these moments, as well as Hurricane Mitch can be wasted by selfish interests.

Rather than demonstrate to the world that he’ll be recognize as constitutional president, he must demonstrate us that the don’t fuck it up like many others in such a short time I can barely write 180 posts, see 6 movies in theaters and go to church 24 times in the hope that my kids will have something to believe.

4. The emergence of a new movement

I am convinced that political parties are necessary for the exercise of democracy, but should emerge a better alternative to destructive practices occurring throughout Latin America and that lead to institutional decline each four years as being:

  • The purchase of media, either by the government to cover their mistakes or for others influences to maintain their interests.
  • The slow laws’ pace like the public official civil race and municipal’s one that can open the door to a way to combat political patronage that many countries have just driven.
  • The definition of a long-term plan, born of social and political consensus, such that every government that comes, know what is the contribution to the critical indicators that must come to meet.
  • Decentralization of the administration of central government’s economic development to the municipalities and the reshaping of regional entities that will give value to the government department rather than a political liaison.
  • Review of public policies that consider the existing social debt and is responsible for all this commotion.

If this and other 235 changes can be done by existing parties, welcome, they have all the human and intellectual resources to do so, not the time.

If they don’t do, then there will be a new movement which removes them from the village preference, although it has to take a name as unreasonable as I heard the other day there: “Lempira Social Movement Claim Lives”, jeje, what a name.

In short, no matter how this will end, there is a profit and strengthening of public welfare grounds, as that man of Tarsus said:

“And we know that those who love God, all things help them well”


(*) Prefiero no meter mi nariz: Translated literally as ‘I prefer not to put my nose on it’ is an expression commonly used when you doesn’t want to keep near a complicated situation and you decide not to give an opinion about it for prudence.

(**) a lo bestia: This is a jargon used when something is done with careless.

(***) llevar agua para su molino: Translated literally as ‘to carry water to ourselves mill’ is an expression used when you do some tasks in order to get your own profit.

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