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How much is the software in this blog

More than two years writing about technology issues crazy, usually software and applications. Today I want to take to make an analysis of what it means to speak of software in the hope of forming an opinion, to highlight strengths and how they respond to income and words as Internet traffic generation. Software entries that […]

Webinars, do they work to Bentley?

Today I attended the first Bentley online conference presented as a new format to what it was their annual conference called by them as BeConnected. Feature: Approved After my sickness the last time I tried to register, I turned the mood when I saw that via Media Player it has been run well the videos […]

Be Connected, the 151 Webinars

From June to November will be ongoing online seminars, here I leave the long list almost complete and with a rough translation: Cadastre and land development (12) Jul 1, 2009 9:00 AM A look at government Jul 15, 2009 9:00 AM Urban base maps, City of Prague Sep 9, 2009 9:00 AM Preparation of master […]

Selection by attributes, AutoCAD – Microstation

The selection of attributes is a way to filter objects according to special criteria; both Microstation and AutoCAD do it similar although one of the two programs has some extra features in the case of this tool. I am using for this example AutoCAD 2009 and Microstation V8i. With AutoCAD This is activated with the […]

Tecnologia: Empresas vão, as empresas vêm

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Today I had a story that has left me with nostalgia, of seeing a technology company that after not withstand the crisis that involves life sustain has been bought by another, after 5 years of effort. The difficult thing is that sooner or […]

Problem 1: Acer Aspire One: the audio is locked

Some time ago I’m using a Netbook, because of my constant travels I have decided to try getting rid of my HP Pavilion and do heavy work on the office machine. My back enjoys it, my eyes not always. Programms: For the GB of RAM it has; now for me it’s enough with lightweight applications […]

Migrating features from Geographics to Bentley Map

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Some time ago we have being speaking of what it takes to make the leap from Microstation Geographics to Bentley Map; we talked about how both schemes work and some important benefits of Bentley Map. In a preview post I spoke how it […]

Basic solutions, good business

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. There is always something that tools of big companies don’t do very well, on this small ones take advantage to develop solutions that meet clients’ needs, generally themselves were clients. If it is a good business or not, the model is interesting, often […]

Brief on AdSense advertising

About AdWords and AdSense AdWords is the system used by Google to display ads, companies pay, per printed, per click or per action, while AdSense is the system used by the owners of space for ads to be shown. So, the ads you see above this post have been paid by a company, blog or […]

Problems with the text editor: MicroStation V8 on Vista and Windows 7

It has long time that legacy versions of Microstation V8 exist, walk between the year 2001 (V8.1) and 2004 (V8.5). However, as tools that were well suited for customers who paid –we understand-a license or developed functionalities on Visual Basic Application (VBA) or Microstation Development Language (MDL), they refuse to die in users’ work. In […]

Top 60, the most searched of egeomate 2008

Here is the list of the 60 most popular words in egeomate (geofumadas in Spanish) in this 2008 year: 1. Own brand (1%) This is the keyword for which have reached more visits, usually used by those who already know the blog, who did not attend nor have read rss in their favorites, and not […]

Who Moved My Cheese?

I like Geoinformatics so much, cause besides being a magazine with a great layout appeal; the contents are very good in geospatial. Today has been announced the release of April, where I have taken some texts highlighted in red to motivate a luscious reading. In earlier versions I did a summary for them, today I’ve […]

QCad, AutoCAD alternative for Linux and Mac

As we know, AutoCAD can run on Linux under Wine or Citrix, but this time I’ll show you a tool that can be an inexpensive solution for Linux, Windows or Mac. This is QCad, a solution developed by RibbonSoft since 1999, and that has achieved sufficient experience as to be adopted by companies seeking to […]

Conference: Turning the sheet of paper in a dynamic tool

This May 11, Bentley Systems will be presenting a virtual press conference in which they plan to show their innovations in order to convert the traditional sheet of paper into a dynamic element. The invitation was sent by Cristine today; I guess that they will be reporting more of this in the rest of the […]

Connect to the data, AutoCAD Map – Bentley Map

In this post I want to make a comparative between the access’ ways to a database with geospatial platforms from Autodesk and Bentley. I’ve used for this: AutoDesk Civil 3D 2008 (which includes AutoCAD Map) Bentley Map V8i AutoCAD Civil 3D 2008 Bentley Map V8i Connect to: File, connect to Data… Connect to: Settings, database, […]

Connect MicroStation V8i with WMS services

  A while ago we showed an archaic form of how was it possible to connect to OGC services using MicroStation; I remember Keith told me that the next version would have these capabilities. Connect To access, it’s always made using raster manager that now, additional to adding a raster file and imaging service it […]

Bentley Map wants you to migrate to V8i

Bentley has launched a strong campaign to get Microstation Geographics users to switch to V8i, for it is offering special prices and an intensive communication of the benefits that one might find in Bentley Map compared with its competitors. 1. CAD and GIS Integration. 2.  Take advantage of Oracle’s geospatial power. 3. Work either with […]

2 good egeomates and others at the flight

Preparing to take my daughter to the dentist, and spend a long weekend I’m leaving some interesting links. The first ones are two interesting egeomates (Spanish Idiom: “geofumadas”, in this case ideas) that I recommend to look carefully, and then some contents for those who are seeking healthy readings on Friday night Blom, Visual Inteligence: […]