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Deciding for MapServer

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Taking advantage of a recent conversation with a Cadastre institution that sought with what to publish their maps, I summarize here the most important to return the item bailouts to the community. Maybe in time it’ll serve someone who wants to make a […]

Is it worth to have a blog?

– Yes It does not seem very responsible this so raw assertion without a context and a proper explanation of what we understood of having a blog or what is what we value on it. On several occasions I have commented that egeomate was born with the idea of satisfying a writing obsession and also […]

Where are Manifold GIS users?

Some time ago, a Dutch technologies’ guru told me this phrase: “Honestly, I am surprised about what Manifold’s page says” “What happens is that I’ve never seen running it on a machine” This week, Patrick Webber – from Spatial Knowledge – has made a reckless statement that is sure it has been shaken the same […]

120 years of National Geographics

A few years ago, a friend who was moving to his country gave me his collection of the National Geographic magazine that, complete and with moths, now takes a good portion of my bookshelf; so when it was announced a digital version for a 160 GB hard disk, I got that mania of not passing […]

Your visitors on Google map

Knowing where visitors come and place them on the map is one of the functions provided by Google Analytics, but there is still no such functionality to display their own maps. The example represents my visitors today, with the drawback that there is no zoom, unless you want to view by country, and those annoying […]

eGeomate: here among us

This week, apart from waiting a new nanny for my children, I had the opportunity to meet a blog’s friend who contacted me before I came to this land and told me he wanted an interview for personal purposes. I was flattered to know that from a couple of flown hours he reads me and […]

Letter to my readers

My appreciate friends: after 925.41666666 days having started the publication of ideas in this space known as Geofumadas, and on the eve of a year about to start, I want to (and I feel I owe) shake the inkwell with explicit direction to the readers. On these days it is difficult to properly identify the […]

This is my last post

After almost three years of existence of the Geofumadas Blog, 813 entries and 2,504 comments, after a difficult month of stressful situations, it seems that everything ends up settling. This life is so, all the passions are often temporary, and this, it seems that has come to an end. Among the topics that made me […]

Geofumadas: 48 black and white

Closing this year, which has been of many extra flavors, it’s left for me to wish you a happy 2011 in which we have much to do. For those who had read in this blog more than 299 entries, this post will be out of site, but for the others there almost 50 lines that […]

…What a month…

…It has arrived gvSIG stable 1.9 …We are about to start mounting the IDE on mapserver … Hit State, restitution, another coup, elections, nobody knows already what will happen … My brother is going to get married and the motorcyclist star too …Version 3.0 of is almost ready But this month, working by day, […]

I-model, the new Bentley bet

For a moment I had my doubts, if Bentley was talking about a new format to replace the dgnV8, then, I thought it was a kind of compressed format like the kmz with Google Earth kml. Many months ago I did a post, wanting to assume the meaning of the “i” in the V8i, after […]

… Where are you, my friend? …

There are no many answers: Travelling. We chose almost everything what we do, although I think many things aren’t more complicated because of lack of time. It’s gratifying to see how municipalities can achieve interesting results with effort and a small push in managing the territory. And we have the same feeling when we see […]

How to place a video on Google Earth

I get a question where someone wants to upload a video to Google Earth, I understand you are looking for show routes and attach a video. Let’s see something you can do and that could apply our Mexican friends, is very similar to placing a photo. Embedding a Youtube video Assuming that I want to […]

Civil 3D, road’s design, lesson 1

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I get a request from a friend in the land of the ‘patepluma’ (*) who is working on a road, apparently he has Land Desktop so we’ll go a little different because what I have is Civil 3D 2008, but who cares. Just […]

Now, install WordPress

In the previous post, we saw how to download and upload WordPress to our lodging. Now let’s see how to install it. 1. Creating the database For this, in Cpanel, select MySQL Databases. Here, we indicate the name of the database; in this case I will use smoke and press the Create button. See how […]

Installing WordPress, before 5 minutes

WordPress is a platform on which are mounted a lot of blogs, usually those that, after being with free providers -like Blogger-, want to have better control of their space. It is said that it’s only needed 5 minutes to be installed, but understanding it takes a couple of hours the first time. It happens […]

How to create contours with AutoCAD Civil 3D

Long ago, this was done with Softdesk, it was another story, but in this case we will see how to do it using AutoDesk Civil 3D in six steps. 1. Surface Styles The styles are viewing geometry settings that are created in AutoCAD, where are defined the type of lines, colors, layers, smoothing curves or […]

Preparing for my trip to Houston

Yesterday was another such invitations filled with great satisfaction when mentioned are paid expenses for travel and stay. So I’m… happy although life not always smiles, a Google Earth, Google Search and AdSense give good times to a fuckin blog as Geofumadas. I will be by Houston in the week of 6 to 14 June […]