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There won’t be ArcGIS 9.4

In one of my crazy predictions for this 2010, I mentioned my doubt that ESRI would dare to make a version named 9.4, and indeed, it has been commented that the next version will be called ArcGIS 10, and will be available in the second half of 2010. In several places it has been mentioned, […]

TatukGIS Viewer… a great viewer

For now is one of the better (if not the best) CAD / GIS data viewers I’ve seen, practical and free. Tatuk is a product line born in Poland; just a few days ago it was announced TatukGIS Viewer version 2. Other viewers If we value the free programs of other brands, provided to view […]

CAD, GIS… or both?

… Selling capabilities of what free software does is more difficult than to convince an official to commit a felony punishable (piracy) for what expensive software doesn’t do. Bentley has recently launched a campaign to promote Bentley Map, using as an argument, it is not necessary to be thinking separately if they can be handled […]

Bentley Cadastre: differences with Bentley Map and Power Map

From MicroStation Geographics in 2004 it was launched the project known as XFM, which within the same V8 dgn format included XML capabilities. After the 8.9 version known as XM Bentley discontinued, Geographics launches Bentley Map, a different smoked regarding the handling of data, but with the same logic operation. Migrating is now indisputable, for […]

Contours with Manifold GIS

Testing what Manifold GIS makes with digital models; I find that the toy does more than what we have seen for simple spatial management. I’ll use an example the model we created in the exercise of streets with Civil 3D. Import a digital model In this, Manifold is strongly powerful, it can imports the common […]

Geofumadas: 48 black and white

Closing this year, which has been of many extra flavors, it’s left for me to wish you a happy 2011 in which we have much to do. For those who had read in this blog more than 299 entries, this post will be out of site, but for the others there almost 50 lines that […]

eGeomate: Predictions 2010: GIS Software

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please read the comments at the end of the post to clarify the real meaning of some terms. ——– A couple of days, at the warmth of a stick coffee (Spanish Idiom: “café de palo” a kind of coffee entirely prepared at home without any electrical artifact) made by my mother-in-law, we did […]

I-model, the new Bentley bet

For a moment I had my doubts, if Bentley was talking about a new format to replace the dgnV8, then, I thought it was a kind of compressed format like the kmz with Google Earth kml. Many months ago I did a post, wanting to assume the meaning of the “i” in the V8i, after […]

The software value

The price is in the box, the cost in our motivation, the utility in the use we give it, the value in our appreciation. This is a rather sensitive issue depending on the point of view of the one who is giving his opinion, on what he works at, and on the one who pays […]

Comparative of topography GIS software

Wouldn’t anyone like to have a table that compares different types of GIS software with topography’s features in order to make a decision on purchase? Well, such a thing exists at Point of Beginning, and it includes not only popular use software such as Autodesk, ESRI, MapInfo or Intergraph but also equipment manufacturers like Topcon, […]

Difference between images of Google Earth Pro and Google Earth free

There are many myths about it, since some who claim to see the female neighbor bronzing nude to those who find no difference between the versions. Let’s see if we speak from this topic with a couple of examples: 1. Yes, there is difference in resolution What happens is that the difference in resolution is […]

TopoCAD, more than Topo, more than CAD

TopoCAD is a basic but comprehensive solution for surveying, CAD drawing and engineering design, although it does more than that in a development that has taken more than 15 years after his birth in Sweden. Now it is all over the world in 12 languages and 70 countries but does not seem to have achieved […]

MobileMapper 6 vrs. Juno SC

I told you that I’m testing the MobileMapper 6, on this week we will do field test, but reading online I found that earlier on this year it was written an article based on a comparison test of these two instruments, here I’ll show the most important of this comparison can full download from this […]

MapInfo: Yesterday, today and perhaps tomorrow

MapInfo is software that has been popularized on a regular basis as a competitive alternative to the ESRI dominance. Much has been written about this tool, I want to dedicate this post to a review on its trend than on its capacity, which according to 2008 Daratech study appears in seventh place in terms of […]

Webinars, do they work to Bentley?

Today I attended the first Bentley online conference presented as a new format to what it was their annual conference called by them as BeConnected. Feature: Approved After my sickness the last time I tried to register, I turned the mood when I saw that via Media Player it has been run well the videos […]

GIS software – described in 1000 words

The recent month of May, it was released version 1.2 of this brief but admirable document that with that name seems to scoff at how complicated it is the software for managing spatial data. It is written by Stefan Steiniger and Robert Weibel of Calgary University in California and Zurich University respectively. At the end […]

Why we have to thank neogeographers like Google

This is the name of Eric Van Rees interview conducted with the leading men of three outstanding companies in Geoinformatics technologies: Jack Dangermond, ESRI President Richard Zambuni, Director, Bentley Geospatial Line Ton de Vries, CEO of Bentley Cadastre line and land development Halsey Wise, Intergraph President and CEO The document is interesting, and comes at […]

Be Connected, 2009 Webinar

Since the format’s change of the Bentley’s annual conference, arguing that the global crisis could affect their users’ travel to U.S. in May, it has been launched the proposal for online seminars to reach not only those who would attend the event but for those who do not have the facility to spend $ 2,000 […]