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Linux has a new tool for native CAD

Unlike the geospatial area where Open Source applications outweigh the custodial, very little free software we have seen for CAD apart from the LibreCAD initiative which still has far to go. While Blender is a fairly robust tool, its orientation is to the animation and not to the CAD applied to engineering, Architecture and Construction. […]

XYZtoCAD for working with AutoCAD coordinates

AutoCAD by itself only brings many features for coordinate management or tables’ creation from starting points. What Civil 3D makes, but basic version does not, and therefore when we go working coordinates generated by a total station, GPS or from doing stakeouts, we must resort to macros watered by there. But XYZtoCAD is not a […]

Convert lot of AutoCAD/Microstation files

It is common to find the need to convert lots of files in bulk: Some day comes to us a project of 45 dwg files in format AutoCAD 20112. We know that these files can be read in AutoCAD 2010 and 2011, but if the equipment where they will be displayed only has AutoCAD 2008 […]

Google Docs can now read dxf files

Just few days ago, Google expanded its file support range for Google Docs. Previously could only be seen Office files like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Indeed its type is read only; Google shows its insistence on giving Chrome greater operating system capacity from the cloud. One would expect these features are also added to view […]

AutoCAD 2012 top news, part one

Finally, as announced by this date, Autodesk has provided all the information concerning the latest AutoCAD 2012. Similarly, it has provided what it implies for other disciplines, with exception of AutoCAD for Mac, which still stands on what we saw last year in the 2011 version. From the outset, we are pleased that it was […]

Geomap Beta 3 looks promising

Geomap is a new development stage of what we knew as Tcmap already under an integrated concept into Tracsa Geobide company strategy. Like gvSIG, this initiative will take my interest because it’s born on Hispanic environment with a proprietary approach, but with prices that could be easily reach and under a phased model that looks […]

Testing Bentley Map: Interoperability with ESRI

Some time ago we saw how to do with Microstation Geographics V8, and the alternative of importing files of .shp type. Let’s see how the world changed with version 8.9 known as Bentley Map XM. The way to handle it is very robust in the sense that now Microstation can read, edit, call by reference […]

AutoCAD WS, the best of AutoDesk for web

AutoCAD WS is the name with which landed the Butterfly Project, that after AutoDesk’s many attempts wanting to interact with the Web, ended in the acquire of the Sequoia-Backed Israeli Company, who had been working PlanPlatform to interact with DXF / DWG files through the web. It is one of the most promising applications of […]

Ipad, my 27 favorite applications

Playing, playing with this tablet I proposed to stop using the laptop at the beginning of next year. My uncertainty whether it will really be possible led me to search the basic tools that will replace what I do – and don’t do – in my routine. It is just interesting Apple’s operating model with […]

Bentley wants its dgn to be most popular

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last year I was talking about what I believed it could be perceived from Bentley with its I-model criteria. This year, the smoke is more clarified, and indeed it is, after it has been seen the recent acquisitions integration results like eB, Exor […]

Alibre, the best for 3D mechanical design

Alibre is the name of a company whose name has its origins in the Latin word Liber, whence comes freedom, liberalism, free, in short a sense of freedom. Hence, the intention of this company is to offer a high quality product at a very surprising price. History shows that the software price for 3D design […]

How to make small a dgn / dwg file size

Happens that if we have a file with lots of information, for example a dgn with 70 layers (levels), in some moment we split it removing some levels to put them in another layer, results that the original file remains the same size. Even we can erase all data and remains the same, although it […]

It’s available PlexEarth Tools 2.0 Beta

One day ago I spoke of the new features that would bring PlexEarth Tools for AutoCAD’s version 2.0, one of the most practical developments that I have seen on Google Earth from a member of the Autodesk Developer Network (AND). Today it has been released the Beta version, which can be downloaded, tested and what […]

What does PlexEarth 2.0 bring?

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last year, in November, I made an assessment of PlexEarth Tools for AutoCAD version 1, which among its innovations includes the AutoCAD’s interaction with Google Earth. On this topic there are developments such as StitchMaps, KmLer, CounturingGE, kml2kml; in Plex’s case, in my […]

GaliciaCad, many free resources

GaliciaCAD is a site that gathers a lot of useful material for engineering, surveying and architecture. Most existing resources are free, but some require to be registered with an annual membership of 20 Euros which includes a CD with 8,000 blocks. If case of being for partners, it always provides the link to download the […]

TatukGIS Viewer… a great viewer

For now is one of the better (if not the best) CAD / GIS data viewers I’ve seen, practical and free. Tatuk is a product line born in Poland; just a few days ago it was announced TatukGIS Viewer version 2. Other viewers If we value the free programs of other brands, provided to view […]

uDig, first impression

We’ve already taken a look at other open source tools in the GIS area, including Qgis and gvSIG, apart from non-free programs we’ve tested before. In this case we will do the same with User-Friendly Desktop Internet GIS (uDig), one of those who come in PortableGIS. The place where did it come from uDig is […]

Geofumadas: 48 black and white

Closing this year, which has been of many extra flavors, it’s left for me to wish you a happy 2011 in which we have much to do. For those who had read in this blog more than 299 entries, this post will be out of site, but for the others there almost 50 lines that […]