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BIM Advances – Annual Conference Summary

The Building Information Modeling (BIM) standardization progress has been the transversal theme of the Annual Conference on Infrastructures, held in Singapore in October. Although my Twitter account was practically hijacked with the #YII2017 hashtag in those days, here is a summary. The journey This time I had to travel from Nicaragua, a country where I […]

Microstation 8.5 problems in Windows 7

Those who hope to use Microstation 8.5 today must use Windows XP on virtual machines for incompatibilities with Windows 7. Mention the text editor problem, which I mentioned how to solve it before, and also refer to image manager and ODBC connection. Let’s see how these issues are resolved. Problem with Raster Manager Is not […]
coordenates conversion

Free online converter for GIS – CAD and Raster data

MyGeodata Converter is an online service that facilitates the data conversion between different formats. For now, the service recognizes 22 vector input formats: ESRI Shapefile Arc/Info Binary Coverage Arc/Info .E00 (ASCII) Coverage Microstation DGN (Versión 7) MapInfo File Comma Separated Value (.csv) GML GPX KML GeoJSON UK .NTF SDTS U.S. Census TIGER/Line S-57 (ENC) VRT […]

How to create a block on Microstation (Cell)

In Microstation blocks are called cells. In this article we will see how to do it and the logic that makes them differ from AutoCAD blocks. 1. For what purpose the cells are used Unlike the GIS where symbolism is dynamic from a point and its attributes, in the CAD objects must be placed objects […]

5 Important things of the Be Inspired 2012

Those who follow on Twitter @geofumadas account may have noticed two full days devoted to the #BeIn2012 hashtag. To update concentrated content excess in just three days, here is a summary of the 5 things that protrude from the Be Inspired: 1. the most interesting project From 57 finalists’ projects, has caught my attention the […]

V8i (SELECTseries 3) Releases of Bentley’s SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, StormCAD, and CivilStorm Products

Unified File Formats and Multiple Solvers Increase Information Mobility Across Bentley’s Sewer and Storm Software, Enhancing the Efficiency of Sewer and Stormwater Modeling Teams Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that the forthcoming SewerCAD, SewerGEMS, StormCAD, and CivilStorm V8i (SELECTseries 3) releases will have a unified file format. As a result, users of each of these software […]

What Global Mapper 13 brings back

It was announced the Global Mapper new version, for both 32 and 64 bits. Although this is a program that is questioned for its GIS capabilities, its simplicity is which has become very popular, especially for handling three-dimensional models and the ability to import and export between different formats. There are many changes, I will […]

Import Google Earth’s image and 3D model

Microstation, from version 8.9 (XM), brings a number of features for interacting with Google Earth. In this case I mean the import of three-dimensional model and its image, something like is done by AutoCAD Civil 3D. These functions are activated by: Tools > geographic or in case Microstation is in Spanish, which in practice is […]

Convert lot of AutoCAD/Microstation files

It is common to find the need to convert lots of files in bulk: Some day comes to us a project of 45 dwg files in format AutoCAD 20112. We know that these files can be read in AutoCAD 2010 and 2011, but if the equipment where they will be displayed only has AutoCAD 2008 […]

I-model, back to the talent

Technological evolution in computer’s area is complex; Moore’s law has shown with fidelity that will not be possible to use Windows 7 in two years without being seen prehistoric. AutoCAD 2013 already sounds in forums and we don’t end chewing what’s new in AutoCAD 2012 even now; almost everything today is disposable, light, it is […]

Bentley Map PowerView V8i, first impression

I have received a version of PowerView V8i Select Series 2 (version 8.11.07), the economic line in mapping area that Bentley hopes to exploit. At first there has been eliminated some of my doubts in the previous post when I showed the three lines of geospatial area for 2011. To begin with, rather than a […]

Geomap Beta 3 looks promising

Geomap is a new development stage of what we knew as Tcmap already under an integrated concept into Tracsa Geobide company strategy. Like gvSIG, this initiative will take my interest because it’s born on Hispanic environment with a proprietary approach, but with prices that could be easily reach and under a phased model that looks […]

Testing Bentley Map: Interoperability with ESRI

Some time ago we saw how to do with Microstation Geographics V8, and the alternative of importing files of .shp type. Let’s see how the world changed with version 8.9 known as Bentley Map XM. The way to handle it is very robust in the sense that now Microstation can read, edit, call by reference […]

Bentley wants its dgn to be most popular

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Last year I was talking about what I believed it could be perceived from Bentley with its I-model criteria. This year, the smoke is more clarified, and indeed it is, after it has been seen the recent acquisitions integration results like eB, Exor […]

AutoCAD returns to Mac

There is no doubt that the Mac’s world is better, but our doubts for moving were always: and what do I do with AutoCAD? Who would have believed it, when, after 1994 AutoCAD R13c42b was the last version we saw half running on PowerMacintosh. 18 years later AutoCAD returns for Mac. Just this year it […]

Microstation Geographics, link to Database

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Although Geographics is a Bentley’s legacy version, after Bentley Map and Cadastre came to stay, here I summarize some annotations to a pupil who wants to connect to a database maps from a Geographics project. About Previous topics In some post I have […]

Deciding for MapServer

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Taking advantage of a recent conversation with a Cadastre institution that sought with what to publish their maps, I summarize here the most important to return the item bailouts to the community. Maybe in time it’ll serve someone who wants to make a […]

How to make small a dgn / dwg file size

Happens that if we have a file with lots of information, for example a dgn with 70 layers (levels), in some moment we split it removing some levels to put them in another layer, results that the original file remains the same size. Even we can erase all data and remains the same, although it […]