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2011: What to expect: CAD Platforms

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Hello my friends, holidays have left like firecrackers, nacatamales (*) and New Year hugs. It’s good to be back to this side of life in a year good for news. AutoCAD comes from 3 years of having given back to interface and is […]

Bentley will present Microstation V8i

  It is expected, I hope, that’s what many people expect, that version 8i formally known as Bentley –Athens?- will be formally introduced, where it is assumed that Bentley has been investing its expectations from its failed attempt with Mozart version announced since the V8 release in 2004. This will be in two events the […]

Why it is called Microstation V8i

Today, as we had announced, Bentley launched its version 8i for its entire product portfolio, with a premiere web page for that purpose, with videos and opinions of different users. Although several of the links in press releases that have been sent have a wrong ftp address. I remember the AutoCAD’s 2001 version was called […]

Lý do tại sao nó được gọi là Microstation V8i

Hôm nay, như chúng tôi đã công bố, Bentley đã ra mắt 8I phiên bản của nó cho toàn bộ danh mục sản phẩm của mình, với một trang web ra mắt cho mục đích đó, với video và ý kiến ​​của người dùng khác nhau. Mặc dù một số trong các liên kết trong thông cáo báo chí đã được […]

Geoinformatics, Edition 7 … GIS and much for Hispanics

It’s now available the eighth edition of the Geoinformatics journal, which GIS approach shines to a simply “spectacular” egeomate level, although it strikes us that this time there is more than one item with an approach based on the Spanish-speaking countries experiences. 1. GvSIG. One of these articles with a Hispanic focus is about the […]