Some 2009 Christmas cards

20 years ago, by this time I had cards’ collection under the pine tree which we literally cut (certainly, we were predators!), then we preserved cards in a trunk. Today, postcards are virtual objects; people leave them on their facebook, Hi5! or in their blogs.

Here I leave some that I liked.

This is from a friend of the regional management of Aragon Land Registry.


Francisco J, the one of the Nº 8 shirt from Gabriel Ortiz forum… very original indeed.


Mapaloco, whom, after insistence, showed his picture … it does not cause the same fun as Fran’s, jeje but it tells us the story written in the eighties … I know it because I spent almost the same with the Farabundo.




Aeropost, my locker suppliers at U.S., $ 20 a year rewards my AutoCAD request as if you were there, so as to shop online and receive the same week, the AdSense check … there are several ways to take advantage.


Bentley Systems Latin America




geograficas a utm 2

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