Roger Penwill, humor for Cad users

The best that you can see in cartoons made for the CAD environment; it is Roger Penwill which began as a cartoonist when he was a drawer during his practice back in 1980. He was doing this for a long time as a hobby, he published a pair of books and as he did so well that he left his profession and is fully committed to drawing freehand.

For purposes of this post I tried to convert the text into Spanish, but only as a sample. It is best to visit his site

Be calm Frank – I’m just checking where it goes.
4D Design. “I can foresee problems in the construction phase”
The architect says that you do not care dimensions in the drawing, so if them can be consulted in the computer model.
It is a dynamic on / off layers’ control.
When they told us mobile workstations, I expected something else.
“The new member of the design team has been recruited in Facebook”
“They told me to dress tentative” (Snappy)
Are you seriously telling me that you can not support and train 86 CAD operators and work full time on this project?

You can also see some more recent cartoons in Cadalyst, where surely we knew it before.

geograficas a utm 2

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