(English) BIM Advances – Annual Conference Summary

Die Building Information Modeling (BIM) Standardisierung Fortschritte auf Infrastrukturen das transversale Thema der Jahreskonferenz gewesen, in Singapur im Oktober statt. Obwohl mein Twitter-Account praktisch mit dem # YII2017 hashtag in jenen Tagen entführt wurde, ist hier eine Zusammenfassung . Die Reise Dieses Mal hatte ich die Reise von Nicaragua, einem Land, in dem ich entschieden […]
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(Español) MailChimp o Mailrelay – opciones para mail marketing

En más de una ocasión nos hemos preguntado, qué servicio de mail marketing elegir. No importa si se requiere para una lista de 500 suscriptores o un listado que supere los 5,000; elegir un buen proveedor para enviar correos masivos siempre será una decisión que se debe estudiar con cuidado, si consideramos los retos implícitos […]
on 19:51 07Fri, 22 Sep 2017 19:51:52 +000052.

(English) Blockchain and Bitcoin applied to the Land Administration

At a technologies information Congress, I was approached by a magazine’s publisher. He consulted me on this type of technology implementation in the land registry, cadastre and property management areas in general. The conversation was more than interesting, although I was a little surprised about his questions, considering that a couple of months ago, his […]
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bim levels

BIM – a tendência irreversível do CAD

Em nosso contexto geo-engenharia, não é mais novel o termo BIM (Building Information Modeling), que permite que diferentes objetos da vida real pode ser modelada, não só na sua representação gráfica, mas em suas diferentes fases do ciclo de vida. Isto significa que uma estrada, uma ponte, uma válvula, um canal, um edifício, desde a […]
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modelo de domínio da administração da terra – caso colombiano

A administração da terra é atualmente um dos países principais desafios. Não é uma nova aspiração, uma vez que a sua função é mais do que explícita nas principais artigos Constituição e as várias leis que regem a relação de pessoas com recursos nacionais públicos e privados. No entanto, há uma tendência internacional para a […]
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what3words for Land Administration

what3words is an address solution that makes it easy for non‐technical people to communicate precise location using words instead of coordinates.  It is based on a 3×3 metre grid where each square has been allocated a unique address using 3 words from the dictionary, for example index.home.raft . 3 word addresses are easy to say […]
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HydroloGIS joins the gvSIG Association

HydroloGIS, the company behind the open source projects Geopaparazzi and JGrasstools, has officially joined the gvSIG Association. What this small Italian based company brings to the Association, is the expertise of their environmental engineers in the fields of hydro-geomorphological analyses and risk mapping, as well as water management, processing of LiDAR data and digital field […]
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Geospatial Training Courses

Early Registration Pricing on March Classes Ends February 15th Online, Instructor Guided Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop – Introduction Learning ArcGIS Pro 1: Fundamentals Building ArcGIS Applications with Web AppBuilder Getting Started with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript Upcoming WebinarsGetting Started with ArcGIS EarthIntroduction to AppStudio for ArcGISIntroduction to QGIS   ArcGIS/Python Classes Programming ArcGIS […]
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6 aspects to be considered in the cadastre – registry integration

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. Making the Cadastre and the Real Estate Registry to work jointly is currently one of the most interesting challenges of the property rights systems modernization process. The problem tends to be the same, even going beyond our Hispanic context. On one hand the […]
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EuroCarto 2015 – A world of Geo-knowledge

This was the final Program of the 1st ICA European Symposium on Cartography which celebrated in Vienna on 10–12 November 2015.  Promoted by International Cartographic Association (ICA) and the Vienna University of Technology. Tuesday, November 10, 2015 9:00 Conference opening: Vice Rector Kurt Matyas and Georg Gartner9:15–9:45 Keynote by Menno-Jan Kraak (ITC & University of […]
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Latin America Geospatial Forum – 2015

A unique opportunity for geospatial professionals in Latin America was unveiled this week in Mexico City.  The three-day Latin America Geospatial Forum was inaugurated at Hotel Hilton Reforma.  The occasion also brought three other conferences together – Group on Earth Observation (GEO) Plenary, annual meetings of UN-GGIM Americas and Mexican Society of Engineers. This unique […]
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Import data from OpenStreetMap to QGIS

The amount of data that exist in OpenStreetMap is really wide, and although it is not completely up to date, in the majority of cases it is more accurate than data traditionally raised by cartographic sheets with scale 1: 50, 000. In QGIS is great to load this layer as a background map such as […]
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Build a drone, my son’s science project

It doesn’t seem that this is the same creature that a few years ago surprised me with its great methane gas stove. Time passes faster than it seems. At least it can be seen in my gray hair and the evolution of his questions: Instead of asking for a new mobile phone game, he asked […]
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ContextCapture, the better showed by Bentley to capture data 3D

Bentley Systems announced General Access to its new ContextCapture offering. ContextCapture is Bentley’s first product release of the Acute3D software technology it acquired earlier this year. The software is ideally suited for any organization that could apply 3D models of real-world context to benefit infrastructure design, construction, or operations.  With ContextCapture, users can easily produce high resolution 3D models of existing […]
on 05:23 05Tue, 03 Nov 2015 05:23:09 +000009.

Web maps revive historical cartography

Perhaps we never dream to see one day a historic map, mounted on Google, such that we could know how it was 300 years ago the land where today we stand. The web maps technology has allowed it. And indeed, in what way. An example of this is the London nostalgic map shown below, where […]
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