Problem number three, Acer Aspire One: A key

After working for a while, one of the keys seems to be stuck; I press it smoothly but it doesn’t write, so a stronger pressure is needed. Wow, what annoying to have a key like this; in conventional keyboards it’s easier to buy a new one than repairing the key, but in a laptop case, it isn’t so simple.

We must begin to see which key has the problem, for example, if the trouble are the arrow keys, letters x, z, c, s, f, a, d or the SPACEBAR key; and if we have kids who use the computer, it may be by the excessive use of these keys in games. Many children are very careless; they strike the keys when they lose the game, or believe that giving a stronger shot with the key will be more harmful.

clip_image001If left untreated these parts, certainly there is something clogging it, because Aspire One’s keys are a small plastic peel mounted on a metallic plate that makes upward force, its simple design does not suggest damage by normal use.

To resolve this issue, it’s necessary to remove the key using a clamp, starting at one end, softly but firmly. First up, pulling it toward the corner, and then down, by the bottom pulling it.

Don’t you guess what was it? It was a nail. And I am not talking about some mysterious object; it’s a fucking nail, one of those that fly off when you cut them from each finger of the hand.

And this type of thing could affect objects that often fall there, such as hair, crumbs, husks of seeds, etc. So, after taking out the nail, the piece is placed firmly and is pressed a little strong with the finger. If this does not resolve the problem, there’s no choice but to seek a workshop.

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