Geographic information system using Manifold GIS

This is one of those products that gives you pleasure to have pushed, and that in the spirit for which was built now is available to the community. It’s a manual that explains how to implement a municipal geographic information system using Manifold GIS. Edited versions of these products were built as part of a […]

Bentley Systems and Siemens Initiate Strategic Collaboration to Unify Product and Production Lifecycles with Factory Infrastructure Lifecycles

NUREMBERG, Germany – November 19, 2012 – Bentley Systems and Siemens today announced a strategic collaboration to advance the integration of digital product design and manufacturing processes design with information modeling for facilities lifecycle design. According to the Memorandum of Understanding the collaboration will enable the two companies to deliver intelligent and sustainable digital factory […]

Pointools, Bentley Descartes steroids

Descartes is the Bentley’s product equivalent (in part) to what Raster Design makes from AutoDesk. Usually the most utility that until now has been promoted is the images’ treatment, even though it has much more to offer; I remember just having spoken a couple of times about the creation of vector from flat scanned data […]

About Honduras and Paraguay coups

First of all, I start by clarifying that I call it coup because after months of investigation, the Truth Commission report named it so to what was called Honduras case and is the name that will international controversy will lead to Paraguayan people’s two years of suffering. The similarities are many, in both cases it […]

What could be happening between Bentley and Trimble?

This looks like my predictions on the innocents’ day, but is not the case. A few hours ago has been notified formally a partnership agreement from which we heard something at the backstage, and that leaves us thinking of what might be happening between the two companies Bentley Systems and Trimble Dimensions. We are aware […]

Geosmokes, tips on yellow fever

Before someone drive away with the title’s post, I want to clarify that this IS NOT A SPONSORED POST, :). The interest in avoiding a serious problem that is happening to a Gijon’s friend who traveled to Ecuador last week and now had to be quarantined for several days. 1. What is Yellow fever. It […]

Draw a polygon with bearings and distances from Excel to Microstation

A few years ago I published an article showing how to concatenate data in Excel to construct a polygon with AutoCAD, without having to do all the protocol: @ Distance <angle…. The other day we were in the AutoCAD course someone asked me if that could be done with the Microstation command line. The answer […]

If Egeomate’s Spanish version had 100 readers

This article reflects the statistics taken from January to October 2011 from Google Analytics, and simplified to the case were only 100 readers of this page. Clearly it’s a reflection of the Hispanic context that would be different if I had a priority in another language or public. But if the data can be useful […]

New format of InfoGEO and InfoGNSS magazines

With great pleasure we see that has been launched a new format of the InfoGNSS and InfoGEO magazines, which traditionally have been obtained in pdf format for download. The new format is under the service that provides CALAMEO for online navigation’s magazine, very convenient for its searching and browsing capabilities. This is available from InfoGEO […]

5 trusted minutes for GeoCivil

GeoCivil is an interesting blog aimed to CAD / GIS tools use in the Civil Engineering area. Its author, a compatriot of El Salvador is a good example of the guidance that have taken the traditional classroom to – almost – learning communities in line; without doubt a milestone that thanks to the global connectivity […]

Bentley Systems’ Faraz Ravi Named Chairman of ASTM International Committee on 3D Imaging Systems

Bentley Systems, Incorporated, today announced that Faraz Ravi, Bentley’s director of product management for point clouds, has been appointed chairman of the ASTM International Committee E57 on 3D Imaging Systems. Formed in 2006, Committee E57 develops standards for 3D imaging systems, including optical range cameras and laser scanners that capture point cloud data. Ravi co-founded […]

In Google Earth pro, do images have better resolution?

Apparently there is some confusion about what Google Earth paid versions offer; there are those who believe that they are obtained coverage of better resolution. Indeed, you get better resolution, but no more coverage than what we see, what these tools offer is output better quality, for example to view, print, save, or send to […]

XYZtoCAD for working with AutoCAD coordinates

AutoCAD by itself only brings many features for coordinate management or tables’ creation from starting points. What Civil 3D makes, but basic version does not, and therefore when we go working coordinates generated by a total station, GPS or from doing stakeouts, we must resort to macros watered by there. But XYZtoCAD is not a […]

Open CAD Tools, gvSIG editing tools

It was launched a very interesting features series that come from CartoLab and University of La Coruña as contribution. gvSIG EIEL implies different extensions really very useful for user’s management from gvSIG interface, custom forms and automatic validation. But what most caught my attention is Open CAD Tools, which in its 0.2 version seems to […]

Practical use of historic images from Google Earth

It was one of the best Google Earth changes implemented in version 5, while allowing us to see what images are published annually, enables us to use the ones which have better resolution or relevance for our purposes. In many cases, because the most recent image has clouds that hide the object of our interest […]

Distinguished Speakers to Provide Insights on Advanced Computational Design at SmartGeometry 2012 Conference

Being Held March 23-24 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, New York, U.S.A.; Registration Now Open at Bentley Systems, Incorporated, today announced that registration is now open for the SmartGeometry 2012 Conference. This widely acclaimed conference is the world’s premier event focused on computational and parametric design tools, technologies, and methodologies that allow and encourage […]

gvSIG Fonsagua, GIS for water designs

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. This is a valuable tool for projects aimed at water and sanitation in the within the framework of cooperation agencies. Generically Epanet has been operating successfully, but with limitations in its adaptation to changes. After searching reasons why gvSIG and Cooperation became hide […]

How to insert local images in Google Earth

In response to some questions I receive, I take advantage to leave the outcome for public use. Some time ago I had spoken how you can insert images linked to Google Earth point, but using Web addresses. In this case I want to show it using a local path: Assuming that the file is set […]