Microstation: layout for printing

Doing this with AutoCAD has a different logic, and perhaps that is why some who try to do it with Microstation have difficulty. On one hand, because there is not much help about how to do it and in the other, that the way to do it is not just as AutoCAD does. For this, […]

The magic of Facebook

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post Some time ago I was so reluctant to get into the social network, convinced that it was for teens that deal their time sending pictures and telling the color of pants they’re walking with. But the differences between this initiative and others like […]


Traveling, sabbatical minute. As the Governor of California said. I will return.

How to make theming in Microstation Geographics

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. In order to don’t lose impulse, more than because of the Alzheimer that occasionally betrays us, here I leave some of the free consultancy I was giving to some guys from Mexico; who maintains their decision of using Geographics. 1. The data There […]

Developing VBA applications with MicroStation

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. To make applications, Microstation supports different languages, including Microstation Development Language (MDL) which is preferred by the Bentley’s gurus. It also supports old Basic since many years ago and once supported Java, hence that version called Microstation J. But to develop with pleasure […]

Draw on line on Google Maps

Let’s imagine that we need to send a client a sketch map so he can view it online or in his GPS Navigator. For example, if we have a parcel for sale with the path to get there and its road’s indications. Another example could be an area of the MODIS satellite view from that […]

Version Differences between MobileMapper Office and MobileMapper 6 Office

In the last post we have been talking about data downloaded from Magellan devices, and there arises the need for clarification on various MobileMapper Office versions. The MobileMapper 6 Office This is software that comes when it’s bought a MobileMapper 6,it is a new software, which just goes by the 1.01.01 version The utility that […]

It’s available PlexEarth Tools 2.0 Beta

One day ago I spoke of the new features that would bring PlexEarth Tools for AutoCAD’s version 2.0, one of the most practical developments that I have seen on Google Earth from a member of the Autodesk Developer Network (AND). Today it has been released the Beta version, which can be downloaded, tested and what […]

GPS Promark 3, first impression

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. I’ve taken out of the box these toys, in a week we will do training to see how it works. For now, I’ve barely seen the videos and some of its attributes. Promark 3 predecessors. In this same line, there previously were, and […]

GPS MobileMapper 6, postprocessing data

A few days ago we saw how to capture data with the Mobile Mapper 6, now let’s try to do post-processing. This requires to have installed Mobile Mapper Office, in this case I’m using 2.0 version that comes with the purchase. Downloading data. The most practical way for this is to use Prolink, although if […]

Where is Bentley going with the Civil area

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. So this topic is too pretentious, I just want to have a reflection on what I can understand. I had started trying to talk about Geopak, but right now I just get PowerCivil, it saves me a lot, I only have to test […]

PowerCivil for Latin America, first impression

I have already installed this toy, of which I spoke yesterday; I am referring to V8i version. As input raises a panel where are concentrated all features. At the bottom there are the following tabs: Surfaces Geometry Preferences Drainage Topography Templates Corridors Work modelators Each one has a shortcut menu in the left pane […]

Testing Sokkia Total Station SET 630RK

I’ve just begun to see this model; I hope to make by the end of this month a formal training, so technicians will be evangelized in their news. Till now we have been using the Sokkia Set520K, about which I had spoken before. The workshop will be given towards the end of May 2010, either […]

Roger Penwill, humor for Cad users

The best that you can see in cartoons made for the CAD environment; it is Roger Penwill which began as a cartoonist when he was a drawer during his practice back in 1980. He was doing this for a long time as a hobby, he published a pair of books and as he did so […]

Entremares Mine Tour

It has finished my trip, tired but fruitful. Deals with new territories, moments of humor and sorrow imagine the chicks doing math and English tasks at its best effort. The most curious the hotel where I stayed, that, apart from a swimming pool, navigable lagoon and ponies for children, offers a tour of what it […]

10 lines of a typical day

How didn’t occurred it to me before! …that no, I have not died. It’s just a fucking subdomain’s change. Impersonal?  You haven’t read me a couple of days ago. Simple redirect. WordPress MU is a calamity. Ah, there must be a little spinning wheel at the end. It’s also for renew the API of Google […]

Download total station data

Time ago we saw a guide for the use of total station in the cadastre; in this, appears the capture of information. Now we’ll see how to download data to the computer, using one of the guides that made by one of my technicians. Indeed, it’s a great job. I’m using for this: Sokkia total […]

37.5 seconds of your last kiss

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. To say you no, would have been easier than to hear you say it. It hurts so much here in the heart; not that I haven’t expected it, not now, maybe never. That’s why I ask for this, one last kiss. Not too […]