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Poker, an alternative to the crisis

Six months ago opened Pokersapiens, a poker school where nearly 5,000 students have completed their different levels of diploma, bachelor and masters. On these days, where it seems that the economic crisis is ending, the alternative to online games seemed to regain its level, and for knowing what Pokersapiens offers, here I leave the most […]

Selling software on the Internet is easier every day

To operate a business there must need to be integrated four elements in a functional way, which, in Marketing, are called the 4P A creator that has a Product to offer, A buyer who is willing to pay a Price for it, A seller who can make the product Promotion A Place to serve as […]
0, a place to play online

Today there is a full jungle of sites offering casino entertainment services, which have gradually been taking force by conventional casinos users. The case we are presenting is a Casino portal dedicated to promoting various online alternatives for entertainment, we mean So if you were to visit this site, let’s see what would be […]

Philosophizing about AdSense

The full post is in the Blogos, a stance on the possibility for making a monitoring plan for AdSense revenue by applying a linear graph of type mx+b. I confess that I have take part of the content. Here I leave the review… 1. The base data blah blah blah based on two years of […]

Google AdSense and the economic crisis

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. The blogos’ post explains it better, but in summary it is stated that Google has made a move that probably is the reason that AdSense’s earnings have fallen by almost a half. Here’s the fourth reason: 4. Google removed half of the offer […]

Google does what it wants, with AdSense and us

In my moments of egeomating on the toad’s immortality, I concluded that Google knows how to control that a few days we win less, some others more, have fewer visits … and issues like that. Visits Certain days, Google seems it turns off some servers for some specific regions because we can see big spikes […]