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Applications for CAD / GIS users of Bentley Products

Mouse’s right button

In AutoCAD’s case, it was very common to use the right mouse button to execute the same command again. In Microstation’s case is widely used to reset a command equivalent to the esc key in AutoCAD. But, since AutoCAD 2000 contextual dialog box allows other options, it is questionable whether it is better. For this, […]

G! tools, facilitating the use of Bentley Map

TRANSLATION NOTES: Please read some comments at the end of this post. A few days ago I started a development on .NET, with which I hope to settle the Bentley Map’s limitation with its Geospatial Administrator. For this, I caught an old pupil with which we began to egeomate with xfm when he came out […]

Failure cursor, Bentley V8i

I have already reached PowerMap V8i Select Series 1 ( which brings some interesting news. PowerMap, like PowerCivil PowerDraft and do not occupy a MicroStation license, but it is included as a runtime for a price quite low compared with Map + Bentley Microstation. So it runs like an application developed by oneself on Microstation’s […]

Bentley Map, could it be more difficult?

MicroStation Geographics step to Bentley Map suppose an improvement on features the first one tool did, and naturally try to make an effort on gaining users from other solutions such as ArcView, MapInfo and now a whole list of programs low price and open source. Just now that I am working with a regular-sized municipality […]

Bentley Map, my expectation for the Be Together

I have just reached the invitation for the Be Together, an event that awakens on me interesting expectations, after it seems that the economic crisis sits and we must re-enable the opportunities. The best With the global crisis, last year, Bentley launched its online seminars and left for last the Be Inspired. It was not […]

Comparative of booting with CAD/GIS programs

This is an exercise in equal conditions, to measure the time it takes to boot a program since the click on the icon until it is running. For comparison purposes, I used the one that starts in less time, and then a value that acts as an indication (rounded) of the times the quantity is […]

2 egeomates on the fly and 6 links

Long trip, for three days I have been touring with succulent creoles meals. Finally back, many unread mails and the new 12.2-megapixel Kodak camera going very well. Here I leave some readings and news of interest: Bentley extends interoperability to FME. Very interesting, Bentley Map has integrated the chance of interacting data via ETL from […]

ArcMap: Import data from Microstation Geographics

Sometime we talk about that since Geographics you can export / import data with ESRI, creating shp files. But if you have installed ArcGIS, the interoperability extension has very good features, let’s take a look: 1. Activate the extension. This can be done with tools > extensions and here we activate Data Interoperability extension. The […]

CAD: Send backward, bring forward

When you have linear objects without thickness or fill, it seems not to be important, but sooner or later is a nuisance (Spanish idiom: “es una lata”, an extremely problematic thing); although in the layers (levels) must be the wisdom. It happens that I have this property that, when filled, covers what is behind as […]

CAD: Changing background color

Usually we use the white or black color for background, change is a frequent activity for reasons of visualization. In this example we’ll see how this is done with AutoCAD and Microstation With AutoCAD before 2008 It is done in Tools> Options, in case you are with Civil 3D or an application that doesn’t display […]

Geoinformatics, latest edition 2009

This, in my opinion, is one of the better positioned magazines in the geospatial topic, it has closed 2009 with a masterful stamp; in its 7 editions kept a systematic review of free software and surveying equipment, in the latter (model 8, 2009) generalizes significant trends that are taking in the geospatial aspect and the […]

CAD, GIS… or both?

… Selling capabilities of what free software does is more difficult than to convince an official to commit a felony punishable (piracy) for what expensive software doesn’t do. Bentley has recently launched a campaign to promote Bentley Map, using as an argument, it is not necessary to be thinking separately if they can be handled […]

Bentley Cadastre: differences with Bentley Map and Power Map

From MicroStation Geographics in 2004 it was launched the project known as XFM, which within the same V8 dgn format included XML capabilities. After the 8.9 version known as XM Bentley discontinued, Geographics launches Bentley Map, a different smoked regarding the handling of data, but with the same logic operation. Migrating is now indisputable, for […]

eGeomate: Predictions 2010: GIS Software

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please read the comments at the end of the post to clarify the real meaning of some terms. ——– A couple of days, at the warmth of a stick coffee (Spanish Idiom: “café de palo” a kind of coffee entirely prepared at home without any electrical artifact) made by my mother-in-law, we did […]

Bentley Geopak, first impression

Similar (not much) to what AutoDesk Civil 3D offers, Geopak is a series of Bentley applications for Civil Engineering for making works for surveying, digital terrain models, design of roads and some geotechnical tasks. Although we know, the latter will be catapulted after the acquisition of gINT Software. RunningGeopak Once installed, it is not created […]

Apply transparent colors in images

Many images have been cut from polygons, but in doing so, it has not been set a transparent color to the background and that’s why an uncomfortable black color appears. Or in other cases, we wish not be visible a range of colors; let’s see how to do it: With gvSIG. I’m using stable version […]

Create a TIN digital model with Bentley Site

Bentley Site is one of the tools include within the package known as Bentley Civil (Geopak).  In this case we’re going to see how to create a terrain model based on an existing 3D map. 1.  The data I’m using a file in three dimensions, which contains a triangulated model in which each object is […]

Geographics: Installing a local Project

TRANSLATION NOTE: Please refer to the end of the post for knowing more about some Centro American Dishes and drinks. ——— The case occurred in a project where the central database was Oracle, but for doing cadastral maintenance at municipalities level or public exhibitions features base was required in order to edit maps while offline. […]