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K-D Tools started from 1919, that’s quite some time, almost 90 years and it was precisely with the invention of a valve powerlifter for the Ford Model T that has continued with a wide line enough popularized that provides solutions on the line known as GearWrench ®.

clip_image003This mark is well-known in the mechanical engineering as instruments of manual use at different levels of specialization that’s why many automotive technicians often prefer them; It is understood that being popular is a result of making easier the work, more efficient that is achieved with many years of evolution in the trend of the use for such goals… I saw in its advertising, then I consulted with my truck’s mechanic just now that I am coming to the 100,000 kilometers revision and has ratified me is a quite accepted trademark by its duration and guarantee.

For the case the compressor KD 2078, known as universal valve compressor it is useful for almost any car. This engineering design maintains constant length while spring is compressed, and that’s why it is widely used for compressing the valve in parallel way in order to get it out without removing the cylinder head.

Therefore when looking for a spring’s compressor likes this or as its translation into English Spring Compressor, there are thousands of options online. So at this time I present SJ Discount Tools, where it can be found a large catalogue of products for various branches of the electro-mechanical engineering.


The best of this site is having a lot of products from different manufacturers, including Hanson, Helicoil, Mountain, OTC, Sk hand Tools, Robinar and of course K-D Tools.

Once made a search, this website shows very practical, with shopping cart included, market prices, discounts and free shipping under certain conditions.

Each product has a manufacturer’s code, description, related products and above all a user’s rating, so if you are looking for a Spring Compressor, I recommend it.

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