It’s ready the Lincoln call for research projects 2008 / 2010

The Program for Latin America and the Caribbean of the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy announces its annual call for investigation proposals with development / implementation until January 2010.

Interestingly, this Institute was born of someone’s creativity who received an inheritance and idle land, after investing heavily in companies which became prosperous; he realized that everything gained in enterprises after working hard was not as high as what he won in added value by undeveloped land.


After that, Lincoln spent much of his fortune to create an institution devoted to research in territorial policies field because it seemed for him an injustice how someone have been laid to wait so as to bring many more gains rather than working hard.

In case anyone is doing a Master’s thesis, is a good chance of funding if you have passion for egeomate in pocket format.

As in previous years, research proposals are competitively reviewed based on explicit evaluation criteria, which are listed on the bases. These criteria favor empirical studies that try to collect reliable data and analytical rigorous methodologies, including qualitative analysis.

Selected researchers within this process tend to be invited to participate in a research seminar to review and discuss the drafts of the studies and reports. Additionally, Lincoln provides opportunities for researchers to exchange ideas and discuss their field work and strategies of data analysis.

One of the interesting issues is “Land Policy and Urban Development in Latin America

This year Lincoln will consider proposals on specific topics described below:

1. The operation of land markets and public interventions

2. Alternative instruments to finance urban land

3. Acquisition of urban land for public infrastructure development

4. Residential segregation and affordable housing

The deadline for submission of proposals is August 25, 2008, and bases can be finding here.

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